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BOG's Double Potting Technique

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Rather than transplanting, BushyOldGrower (BOG) cuts the bottom out of the present pot, and places it in a larger pot partially filled with soil.

This image shows this technique, with the smaller pot having had its bottom inch removed.

The double potted plant is now ready to put on some new roots.

Buddha fett makes a cut along the bottom and tapes it back up before he starts his plants to limit stress.

Finally, a new spin on this Bushy Old Technique by Overgrow contributor eugene, who transplanted this grow bag onto a trough filled with soil. Its now ready to grow and SCroG.

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Big respect for Mr. BOG himself. Any of you ever grow out the sourbubble or lifesaver, two that I would like to d some day. If I can still get the beans. Peace ya'll

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Seems nice but why go through the trouble?

Also must be very careful handling the top pot once the roots penetrate the lower container. You can sever or damage the roots and harm the plant.

U can damage larger plants in heavy pots struggling to lift them high enough to not damage the canopy or flowers when flipping pot upside down to transplant. Or allowing the lage root ball to fall apart tearing some roots. Damage can occur either way.
Double potting gives us the opportunity to allow our plants to grow larger by holding a larger volume of media allowing for a larger root mass to support a larger plants. If done correctly , it virtually eliminates transplant shock I'm told. I am speaking from reading not experience here.


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I used the same type of pot used in the first pic and just cut it off with a razor by slicing top to bottom about 5 or 6 times evenly around the pot. Then just fold down the sides and there's the root ball perfectly intact. Then place it in the larger pot partially filled and then fill in some more soil around the edges.
No flipping plant upside down and no mangling the root ball trying to pull it out.
If it works for you then thats cool. I like the idea mentioned above about securing the top pot to the bottom with bamboo stakes, feels a little safer too me.


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I jsuts started to repot all my girlies like this... Does anyone know if BOGs shit is still available?
BOG's stuff is only available if you know someone who hoarded his genetics. BOG retired from the breeding scene a while back. I believe he's still online and active in the cannabis community but not as a breeder.


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I thought that the roots always grow out sideways to the edge of the containers in thier natural growth pattern as oppose to straight down. Woudnt this conteract that natural growth?


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I was giving this a lot of thought. While giving the roots less room to grow sideways, leaving the existing pot on would seem concentrate the water and nutrients rather than dispersing them when watering the plant. This would seem to make sure that the nutrients are more available to the roots that need them than dispersing throughout the planter. This would appear to save soil, nutrients, and water.

As the roots grow lower they can spread. Maybe it is insignificant, but money saved is money saved.


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I have once had the pleasure of smoking some of BOG's strains from BC mailorder before, and wow were they ever amazing. Always organic tasty beautiful nugs. Only strain I remember specifically is the Blue Moon Rocks... so sweet and tasty. Not surprising to see some advanced techniques from that grower!


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you would have to anticipate the need for larger pots.To cut the bottom out before u ever put soil or plants in it, then tape the bottom on and use that pot like N E other. Im afraid i will cut thru the roots if I try to get an inch off now. Even really sharp scissors might not work well. Might be better to remove whole plant from sm pot and put in a bigger one prepared for it. A connumdrum. what to do?got another month 2 go. :rollit::rollit::joint::;):


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Why not just plant the clone that is ready into the largest pot and leave it there till it's done?? This double potting seems to be a waste of verticle space. I suppose if you are only growing outside it would be fine.
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