Botanicare Pure Blend Additives - Silica Blast & Hydroplex


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Hello everyone I have been using Botanicare's Pure Blend nutrients for all past grows and have had great results. Now I have been thinking about stepping it up with some additives. I use LIQUID KARMA every watering, but thats the only additive I have used. I was looking for some input from people with experience using SILICA BLAST and HYDROPLEX. If you have ever had bad results I want to hear from you especially. Thanks guys
re: Botanicare Pure Blend Additives - Silica Blast & Hydroplex

The Silica Blast works well, helps your plants get some muscle.

I just got a box of Hydroplex, never tried it, but I'm sure it works well. Jimmycricket (another member) may be trying it out in his next go around.
Liquid Karma is probably Botanicares goto additive. I have heard good things about Hydroplex but have never used it. I know growers who will substitute it for a cheaper version of Cannazyme. I have thought of saving some money with it and getting rid of Cannazyme myself, but have yet to make the jump.

Botanicare has a lot of great products, but Silica Blast is not known as one of them. If I were you I would go with Dyna Gro Pro-tek instead. I dont remember the argument that made me decide to not go with Silica Blast but it was a good one. Also I am a coco grower so that may have a bearing on things. Just something for you to research more if you want to look at all your options.
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