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Breaking the Taboo


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Brazil, Argentina and Chile are all changing their view on cannabis legalization. I talk to people every week from there that tell me of the change. Viva maconha!


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Yeah, Those countries its realy chaning their mind. Also the biggest distributor its right next to us COLOMBIA .
I we are changing are minds, but we need to change are weed to !
The weed we buy in Brazil its very very bad, it came mixed with many shits.
Thats a good tip for investor if the weed be legalize.

And for all ..... Wacth the movie !!! its arguments to u use in your city, country or state !

Viva a maconha !!!


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Hey Cervantes, its really nice to meet you.
I dont know if you ever been in Brazil and see the reallity of a pothead. We have really dificult time to get some weed, we have to go to the favelas, deal with drug dealers high carrying heavy wepons, and buy bad shit weed. An if the cops get us, its jail... and the jail in Brazil its not even like the jail in US. The US jail looks like a 5 star hotel !!

It can be a good book !!!!

Im really glad to talk to you, and everything you need to know about Brazil weed and anything else I can help u.
My name its Kenny, im 24 years old, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Im graduate in Public Relation and Im spending some time in US to learn more about this culture.


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I still resent that pot is coupled w/other substances that are collectively labeled as "drugs"

I have pretty much done them all at one point or another and contend that marijuana should be judged on its own, apart from any other substance... there isn't anything else like it!
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