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Broke 5 of my oil cartridges accidentally frying the coils - Please help


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Oil vape cartridge transfer?

i accidently fried the coil to my first cannabis oil cartridge. My buddy used all of his but gave me his empty cartridge.

Surely there is some way i can transfer the oil from the broken cart to the usable cart?!

Please help me. Fellow stoners, lead me in the right direction.

I will purchase anything cause I'm sure this will happen again, I can use my old cartridges or buy new ones, but is their a syringe type device to extract the oil and transfer it into the new or old cartridge instead of trying to pour it, here's pics of the cartridges and what they look like with top off below

Thanks so much in advance, I just need help finding direction to some supplier that sells the cartridges empty and whatever tools I need to extract and pour the oil into it


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You will need to heat the oil to get it out. I would some how suspend the cartridge over a pot of boiling water so the steam heats the oil.
Use a glue applicator with the long needle. Bstean Glue Applicator Syringe with Blunt Needle and Cap Industrial Grade Luer Lock Assorted Stainless Steel Tips (Pack of 12)-Amazon

I only know of this place to get cartridges and you have to buy in bulk. Wholesale 510 Thread Ceramic Coil Cartridges - Buy Cheap 510 Thread Ceramic Coil Cartridges from Best 510 Thread Ceramic Coil Cartridges Wholesalers | DHgate.com

Depending where you are, you may want to find a dispensary and see if the will sell you a few empties.

Hope this helps
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