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Help !!! Im not really sure what Im doing here so please be patient !!! This is only my 2nd grow and still learning !! Right now I have 2 plants that have been in 5 gallon pots since late May. Their growth has been stunted for some unknown reason, but they are still covered in buds. They just look like little small bushes. I havent really been doing anything except watering them. I also got some plain plant food that is 20-20-20. I have fed them this several times. Now, my problem is that some of the buds look alot more mature than some of the other ones. I have a couple of buds that are about 4 or 5 inches high and the little white hairs are turning brown. But some of the other buds on the same plant are smaller and the hairs are still white. Ive been told that what I have is called White Widdow. So I dont know if the hairs are even suppose to turn brown !! I do know that it will kick your ass though !! I have pinched off a couple of the smaller older buds and let them dry then put them in my pipe. I was laid back for several hours !!! ANYWAY....... I need to know just how long I should let the buds mature. Should I pull the whole plant or just keep doing like I have been and pull the buds as the white hairs start turning brown ?????
Any advice is greatly appreciated !!!!
Re: bud after bud after bud !!!

The hairs turn brown normally. They will all turn brown eventually.

The best time to harvest a bud for max. THC is when 75% of the hairs have changed color from clear/milky to re/brown.

You can harvest the buds indivually as they ripen.
Re: bud after bud after bud !!!

Thanks a bunch !!! You answered my question !! So I guess I will just start harvesting buds since they are all at different stages of maturing.

Thanks angain Ranger !!
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