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bo man 420

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awsome weed porn,awsome soundtrack,what else can i say but :goodjob:and they say weed smokers lack motavation,you my freind proved them wrong.


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I just showed your video to my plants. They just grew 6 inches! All the ladies on the back deck are blushing now. They just told me that they wish to be watered with Perrier from now on and massaged three times a week with neem oil. Madam Mazar wants my wifes vegetables off the back deck also, says they are 'not worthy' and shouldn't be breathing the same air as her.

You've created a monster! :MoreNutes:

LMAO, good thing I had just swallowed my drink or else it'd be all over my screen.:cool027:


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hey whats sup? i know u dnt know me but im trying to get some good tips on how to grow some good bud if u can help thanks! i like your video as well thats some amazing bud!:helpsmilie:
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