Can a female plant With some seeds create new buds Without seeds?


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This is my first time growing, so I really appreciate all the help :)

A few weeks ago... I had 2 plants too young to be sexed. Then I had someone take care of them while I went away for 6 weeks and when I returned, I discover that one was male and one was female. AND the male pollinated the female!!! This totally sucked... So I destroyed the male, and now I'm left with a female with seeds.

Two Questions:

1) Can a female plant WITH seeds produce new buds WITHOUT seeds?

2) Can I clone a female WITH seeds to produce a new plant WITHOUT seeds?



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Saw your question come through the twitter feed.

If you have a girl plant beyond 6 weeks, that was in with a male for all that time, you are not going to have any unseeded bud on your plant.

If it's some kind of special plant then you're better off revegging after you harvest, google how to do it, info is everywhere. At this point, your plant is so far into flower that the chance of rooting cuts is pretty small, but you can try. But, they'll have to reveg just as long as the mother plant to get full vegged cuts from, could be as long as 5 months depending on the strain.

What's wrong with just starting some of the seed you just made? As long as you know for sure they're from male/female and not herms, then just enjoy the free seed. I know it's a bummer to have a plant full of seeds, but not much you can do about it now.

If the 2 plants were the same strain, then you have F2s, if they're 2 different strains, you have F1s.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the info Melvan. You rock.

Just like teenagers, you turn your back on them for just a few weeks and WHAM they're pregnant. Bummer. Well, NOW I know what a male and female looks like. Yes, I started them both from seed from the same plant. No, it's not a special plant really. Crap. So I guess I'll start from scratch again.

Now there's another question: Do I just wait for the seeds to turn brown and them pick them off? Or do I yank the whole thing and dry it and try to salvage something?

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Thanks labexperiment!

Will the seeds be ready about the time to harvest? Or do the seeds mature at a different rate than the buds?



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From the day they were pollinated they will take anywhere from 30 - 45 days, I do not know when you plan to harvest.

And you can take a clone in flower put it back under 18/6 light and it will revert back to a vegetative state, but it will take some time. It has to grow roots before it will start to grow again.
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