Can anyone give me a run down of a physical / drug test for a job please.


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Gonna get right to it. I am waiting for a phone call regarding a job i had an interview for, during the interview they said they require a physical.. never mentioned drug test but i have to assume they drug test during this. Now i have never had to get a physical for a job before so, is there a standard order of operations for this.. like am i going to show up go pee in a private bathroom then go see the doc to make me cough?? I am planning on using a synthetic urine for the test i am just worried about where to hide it and make sure it doesnt break until i can use it. Anyone with experience with taking a physical with a drug test i would love to hear how it went when you got to pee and so on. anything would help.. thank.. also ive read several other posts but none covered physical and when you get to pee..
Hide it your groin, and hope for the with any civilian drug test I've had nobody ever watched me and I have used the syn urine only possible way to garentee success. Now military VA cops all get watched
im tracking that most civi d.t. are not watched.. and im not going for a va job ... home free civi now for just over 12 months :) and right back to smokn ^_^. i am only worried about if the doc wants me to squat and cough before i pee... then ooppsss....
When I've had to do both a drug test and a physical at the same time this is how it went with me.
They went for the physical first so they leave in a room to take your clothes off. So take your synthetic out of your shorts and move them to a pants pocket till the physical is over. Then they leave to let you get dressed again and then you go to another area to have the drug test done so be sure and move the synthetic from your pocket back into the crotch. Have had to do this 3 times in my career.
I appreciate the input, makes sense that they would leave so you could undress.. im just used to military docs that have u drop ur pants infront of them.. only reason i was asking.. thanks again though for the input now im just waiting to get to that point. did get the job offer though :D now time pass that damn dt that i didnt study for ;)
Just practice keeping the temp in range and it will help calm you down on the day. Everyone gets nervous the first time you sub. But its just a game. Just play it better than they do and it gives you a sense of accomplishment by beating the system.
Well, we shall see how I do tomorrow! I am very excited / nervous and upset.. very mixed feelings.. excited to get one over on the system but upset that it has come to this in our world :\ .. and nervous since its my first sub .. but wish me luck guys I will share some details that I have already observed myself... I am going to use a pair of boxer briefs that are def leaning on the side of being considered compression shorts w/o being full blow work out compression shorts.. and I found out the "fly or flap" in the front where it comes together on the bottom there is actually a pocket already sewn into the shorts that runs all the way from your balls to your brown eye O_O and it fits a 3oz bottle of sub pretty good.. other thing i noticed is i am going to sqeeze the air out of the sub buttle otherwise i can hear it slosh around when i sit / stand and every couple of steps.. but i will keep you updated. thanks for you input / words of encouragment !! It still amazes me that in a free country the steps that we will go through to actually live free.. Glade to see so many people in this community living their life their way.. keep on keepn on y'all
You also have to be a little careful when putting the synthetic in the cup. Some of these bottles have squeeze caps on them, don't use them. They'll make noise. Just take the cap off and pour it into the cup.
ive used someone else urine and gotten caught cause of the temp strip.they said the urine was too warm.i had it on the vent of the heater of the car before getting there and it got too hot.they would not take the sample!!the temp is the hardest thing.
If its for thc, sweat and pee a lot before the ordeal, I found surijell preservative works about 85% of the time. YOu can find things at your local hippie shop but my experience didn't blow over so well.
well heres an update for everyone. Just completed the physical/drug screen. Was nervous, glade i practiced, i ended up using the sqeeze cap because i had to pee so bad myself i was making enough noise to not worry, i did *caugh* upon closing it which seems louder to me and was still peeing, i came out initailed / dated then did digital sig then i was given my piece of paper that showed 98F :). I am going to continue this on as there is somethign that worries me and not about the urine.. so i felt great that part was over and was moved on to having my blood pressure checked. during this is what worries me! then she handed me a small white strip "stick .. seemed like cardboard / construction paper with a lil wax on it, it had small brown bubbles on it". It was in my mouth under my tounge while the blood pressure machine did its thing, when it was done so apprx 1 1/2 minutes they removed arm cuff and then stick, read it, looked twice then tossed it in the trash.. i never signed / initialed or dated anything regarding that.. side NOTE my temp was never checked .. i dont know if that was a saliva drug test or some new method of checking temp thats cheaper then those plastic covers. the one ive seen in the past had be to in my mouth longer and was a spouge that got inserted into a tube that had the 5 pannesl on it or w/e. Otherwise everything else was fine. im less worried about the lab finding it to be synthetic then i am worried about that being some quick saliva test.. any input would be great and i plan to keep you all updated.
My, apologize y'all. I should of done some google searchs first!1 LOL.. celebrating to early ;) .. the white stick is a temperature stick.... well i will let u guys know how my sub results go!
Update, sorry for delay holiday weekend got in the way of my paperwork being processed.. good news.. got my start date !!! wooo hoooo !!! Sub'n worked for my agent x
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