Gr8fulfor420's 2nd Autoflower - Trans Siberian & La Bella - May 2014


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Feminized Autoflowers
Trans Siberian and La Bella from Attitude seed bank
Indoor 5 Gallon Pots
Scientific Professional Grower's Mix Soil (self feeding)
Currently under blue spectrum T5's -8000 lumens (Red T5's on deck)
Switch to 400 watt (50,000 lumens) when flowering stage arrives

Hello Hello - Welcome to my 2nd autoflower attempt. My first journal is still a Work In Progress. Right now my grow closet is housing my first two plants. They should be ready to harvest in approx. 3 weeks and I'm hoping by then these girls will be ready from Veg stage to flower can go in the closet. Ok so I started with 2 seeds and 2 Jiffy Pots - it took about 1 week for them to sprout then I placed then right in there final pots as Auto's do not like transfer. I put them under 8000 lumens blue spectrum T5 blubs for Vegging - Red T5's are on Deck for Flowering stage - only used couple weeks while I'm waiting for my 400 watt HPS in the closet to free up. Once my current plants are done, these girls will go under 400 HPS. My friend has had good luck with the scientific soil, so I decided to give it a shot. If I don't like it I'll go back to my personal blend and feed them.
Without further a due..... Miss Trans Siberian and Miss La Bella


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