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Can I Foliar Feed Outdoors?

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Yes, you can, but don't over do it. Into 20 gallons of water put:

1 cup ammonia, yep plain old household ammonia
1 cup alfalfa tea
1/4 cup Ivory liquid dish soap
16 Oz. apple juice

You can experiment with other things like fish emulsion, but I like this recipe because it's so cheap.


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new to this game! so i have a ??WHAT WILL THIS DO FOR MY PLANT THAT COMPOST TEA WON'T DO??:high-five:

mgoulder - you're replying to a 7 year old post. This How-To section is static basic info. Ongoing discussion is elsewhere.
Read in the FAQ section.
Read and then ask questions in the Growers Forums.
Read the forum guidelines, for instance the one about not using all caps.
You will get excellent expert help here - people happy to share what they've spent years learning - if you ask respectfully, in the right place.

I'm glad to see you are doing research, because your questions have no doubt been discussed. Read for general knowledge and use the search boxes to search the whole site or just a thread/forum for specific terms. Informed questions are appreciated and readily answered - lazy questions not so much.

This is hands down the best site, the information and advice you want is here, and it won't take long to learn your way around.

Greenest regards!
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