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can I grow great weed with


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1 HP's 1000 watt bulb
Foxfarm ocean and frogger soil mix with pertile
Fish fertilizer
Watered with mix between NY tap water and bottle water
Foil walls
Cracked window for fresh air

I plan on buying PH lever tester

I have good size pots and don't plan on spending a lot

Last time I grew. I used merical grow organic and a raw fish deep in the soil (a dred told me that trick) I used left out tap water. And I planted a regular seed of good weed_ not high grade. Like I did again.
That was with a 400 watt MH light then a 400 HP's light for budding
And it was great. Amazing

And is there a legal site to buy seeds online. That is trust worthy.


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No foil walls, it can create hot spots, which will burn your plants.

FFOF can be too hot for some seedlings, but fine for plants. Unsure of frogger?

Fish fertilizer might make your buds smell/taste like fish. I've heard of it happening before. I'd suggest a 2 part or 3 part nutrient mix.
Tap water is fine, just let it sit at least 24 hours to dissipate chlorine and dissolved gasses.

I would suggest an oscillating fan on the plants for circulation. And if smell is a problem, an exhaust fan and filter.

What do you plan to do about the heat from the 1000w HPS?
Will you be using a 1000w MH bulb for Veg growth?

Digital PH meters are better. If you can afford it, buy one.

I wouldn't use a dead fish as fertilizer personally... If anything that should be left outdoors and composted before putting into your soil.

What size are your containers?

It depends where you live, I'm assuming NY? Then no, you cannot LEGALLY buy seeds online.

But you can't smoke it, grow it, buy it, sell it, etc.. either. But you're doing that anyways.

I strongly suggest buying seeds from one of the sponsors: Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ®

These are legitimate companies with good customer service and have great reviews among the 420 members.

Lots of great info here: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...-grow-marijuana-everything-you-need-know.html


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I have a good fan. Ina cool basement. Winter is coming so the heat should be good. Last time I used the fish and nothing else. It tasted like lemon and was sweet tasting. It was great. And potent. My pots are big. Not huge but big enuff for 2 plants in one pot

Not legal in NY so would I get in trouble for ordering seed. Like 10 seeds


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Nobody will know what you order. Orders aren't OK'ed through a DEA taskforce lol.

You can order any seeds you want without problems. WORST CASE SCENARIO: Customs takes the seeds and sends you a notification advising you that they took something from your package. that's it. I have never heard of anyone getting a knock on their door over a few seeds.

I wouldn't worry about it so much.


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What website did u order from successfully. More then one time

And what is the best seed to get. They all say that they r good. What's the best strain.
Oh and I have happy frog


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Sponsors: Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ®

I personally ordered from Herbies, 3 separate orders, all arrived on time, intact, no germination problems, no problem with customs or anything. But there are a ton of folks who have purchased from our other sponsors and have also had great experiences.

So basically, find who has the strains you want and buy with confidence. A lot of seed banks even have free seed offers when you make a purchase, they give you some freebies to try out as well.


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All I use on my outdoor girls is fish fert, seaweed concentrate and pot ash, no fish taste, lol, although I do like smoked trout so maybe my buds have a taste I like and hence why I smoke so much of them, lol.


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All I use on my outdoor girls is fish fert, seaweed concentrate and pot ash, no fish taste, lol, although I do like smoked trout so maybe my buds have a taste I like and hence why I smoke so much of them, lol.

Cool to hear you both had no trouble with it. I read once that someone used it and it resulted in fishy smelling buds, but perhaps their method was different.


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Happy frog is good soil. Works well with earth juice. Beware the mushroom compost in it. If u overwater mushrooms will sprout and let u know

All first timers should use this soil to help them prevent over watering.

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