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I have COPD - can't breathe and also have severe anxiety and depression along with gerd. I have searched for weeks to find out the correct ingredients to take for my above problems I've made tons of phone calls & just can't find anyone who know about low to high ratio for COPD. I know that's important but how on earth can I find the answer to that question. Businsss either don't answer phone or doesn't call me back. RSO cannibus oil everyone seems to recognize but nobody seems to know where to al or go to get the proper ingredients. How do all these people life Jeff find the right product & where to get it? I'm about to the end of my rope Someone PLEASE help me!


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Hi kacey,

My highest recommendation for a method of Cannabis consumption is to take it raw. Even if you purchase dried flowers (buds) that have been prepared specifically for smoking, that plant matter still contains 100% of its nutritional value. So instead of processing those flowers unnecessarily and destroying its greatest health benefits, you can either chew and eat it (if you like the taste as I do)... or simply throw a big nug or two in a blender with some fresh fruits.

If you are lucky enough to have a plant that you can grow (or if you can get fresh flowers/leaves from a grower), you can either juice it or simply blend it into a smoothy as well. The fresh, living plant matter is the healthiest vegetable/herb on the planet. This is the ideal solution.

I've followed several threads about the very positive benefits of raw Cannabis consumption pertaining to your situation. Consuming Cannabis this way will not only help you with symptoms, but will help heal the source of the issue as well. There is no better way than to allow the raw plant to help your body heal.

You have the ability to improve your quality of live, regardless of what anyone tells you. In fact, you have the opportunity to heal yourself and become a healthier person overall with discipline, time, and effort. Consume as much Cannabis as you are able to, and please keep us informed on your progress.

You can do this, never stop being brave, confident, and optimistic.

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Here's a link -- scroll down to Jonathan Wright's comment. My husband has been nebulizing glutathione (Wright's protocol) for a couple of years now and it has helped a lot. Not a cure... but helped. First off, you need to find a liberal MD or a ND to write you a Rx. Then you need to take your Rx to a compounding pharmacy. You also need a nebulizer.

I can't begin to tell you how important glutathione is to the human body. Read up on it... Hope this helps

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