Crazy 4th of July


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Let me start off by saying im high as hell, so hang in there.

Ok so after a long days work, going in at 6am and out at 4pm... im tired as heck. Walk home the good half mile cut across the park. Get home and im soaked. Chico california has no mercy, it peaked 106 today. We tried our best to keep our ladys cool puttin up little huts around them.

So after that we have a small cook out, get the carne asada going and we all start feasting. So me and the fams are out to watch the fireworks. After waiting all day, we light one up... Okay todays temp was high, hardly to NO wind. So we spark up the first blunt... he said it was some funky ass purple, I got a half sack from him to try out. And from the looks of it, its killer... after smoking the blunt and puttin it out maybe half way in..., we go back in the house and I pull this diff kind of bud that I got from the other fams. More earthy, very nice to look at ( I'll have flicks soon ) and he goes " I'll pitch in on the next blunt, we'll make like a little mix... half mine half urs... so we roll it, put the same purple at the beginning and to finish us off something I have yet to try and him as well. So he chops it up, rolls it... and we head out.. its like 10 and the park lights start going out as the FairGrounds shoot out the fireworks. So after about 5-6minutes... the fireworks were nice, but last year was rockin harder. And bam. the party is over, LOL!.... Im like... wtf, all day for 5minutes? you serious?

So on our way back, we light the blunt. The blunt got passed between 3 people... my woman, the fams and I. When we got to the house my lady is high as hell, she says she gonna go inside and laydown for a bit.. lol ( sleep, she's baked ) and doesn't want anymore - So me and the fams are outside... on our empty looking block. We chillin inside my property on the porch, and he goes... " you ready for the rest of that juicy shit? " im like... " holy shit, im down... " so he lights it, and believe it or not.. since there was no wind, you could still smell the dankness in the air... lighting this blunt made it worse... haha. All of the sudden, traffic picked up.. the street turned into a main street for everybody going back home from the park ( never happened last year ) - the block, with a few blunts in reeks... Alot of Inquirys, lol.The neighbor came across and joined us and blessed us with a GreenCrack blunt rolled in a grape swisher.. what I love, is that all these people are 10+years older then me.

I'd say out of everything, I love know the Marijuana brings everybody together in some sort of way. Knowledge gets passed down.

How was your day? I'd like to read about it.


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whats up man, im late but im high and will tell you and all about my day..

woek up and 9 and helped my dad do some work in his office, easy filing and what not, im happy because i got a fat sack of 3 dif types of bud waiting to be smoked that i scored last night, they head out so i spark a bowl of some fire mids waiting for the badass food there bring home, so its about 12 im stoned and my buddy calls says he and i are going to my friend bens to blaze, im like sweet lets go, get over there smoke a bowl of my friends dank and i roll a blunt of some fine dro, smoke that and then another one of my friends show up blunt in hand, smoke that then fuck around with a badass bb gun for a bit, and then we all ended up playing Clue, i then proceeded back to my house ate some amazing chicken pot pie with some blueberry cake and a large glass of milk, played some pool, just smoked some more of my dro with a little keif night capper out of my steam roller and im going to listen to pink floyd and pass out

Da Great 1

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Mine wasnt as good as others but.

Went to the mall got some stuff.Come home and go to my cousins crib.Go To the park and we miss the entire show leave there go to my bros girl house and chill with my ex.Leave her and then go smoke a blunt or 2,then went and got a big box of some strawberry cheesecake.


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xsmokinbudX: sounds like you had a nice night. That reminds me of a few months ago when I was living in LA with a 2 of my boys. Moved in with them for about 4-5 months, set up the grow room threw in some clones we picked up.. it was nice. Took a few OZ's to the head after that, remembering that house was alive 24hours of the day. People always showing up with weed, blunts, bowls, samples of diff kind of bud with a few exceptions of hash that were layed out. But man was it fun, I miss them days.

Ralph Wiggum: Its always good to spend time with great people. Smokin buds with your buds. :51:

Da Great 1: What a trip, everybody had cheesecake over the weekend... I think every pad we went to, somebody had somekind of CheeseCake. I made my own cheesecake the other day... totally baked out of my mind.


As for me, I just had a bowl.... Watching - " CASINO " - :smokin3:
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