DIY LED Project! 90 x 3w LEDs - Stage 1 - Any thoughts?


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Hello people!

First post!

I wanted to show you my led project, to collect any thoughts anyone might have on it. We can call it stage 1.

This is a list of what I decided to buy and work with. (Nice and simple)

• 1 x Alu Heatsink W190xH35xL500mm
• 2 x Alu 1,5mm PCB Board 108mm diameter. 36 Leds.
• 1 x Alu 1,5mm PCB Board L145xW106mm. 18 Leds.
• 5 x Led Driver DC Output: 30-75v 680mA +5% (12-20)*3W Dimmable. W37xH28xL114mm
• 2 or 3 x Fans DC 12V 0,36A 120mm (Have more)
• Have a lot of different dc adapters for the fans.

And this is all the leds i have with their specs.


DC Forward DC Forward
LED Emitter Output Lumens Voltage (VF) Current (IF) Wavelength
10 x 3w UV 10-15Lm 3.0-3.6Vdc 700mA 415-420nm
10 x 3W Royal 120Lumens 3.0-3.4Vdc 700mA 445-455nm
10 x 3W Blue 120Lumens 3.2-3.6Vdc 700mA 460-470nm
10 x 3W Orange 2.0-2.5Vdc 700mA 600-610nm
10 x 3W Red 2.3-2.8 700mA 620-630nm
20 x 3W Bright Red 60-80lm 2.0-2.4Vdc 700mA 640nm +-5nm
50 x 3W Deep Red 70-80lm 2.2-2.4Vdc 750mA 650-660nm
10 x 3W Far Red 80-90Lumens 2.2-2.8Vdc 700mA 660-665nm
10 x 3W IR 1.7-2.4Vdc 700mA 730-740nm


After looking at the most expensive/best grow-led lamps out on the market, I came up with above named parts (See picture), which is a mix/copy/combination of all the most expensive or “best in test” lamps, when looking at the range of spectrums.
Almost all of the better grow-led lamps include parts like or similar to the above ones.

I will use 2 x 108mm, 36 x Led Circle PCB Board’s and split the string into 18/18 (Veg + Bloom). *Not able to fit lenses.
And 1 x 145x106mm, 18 x Led Rectangular PCB Board (Veg only). *Will have lenses (90 degrees).
The three PCB Boards will be placed on a big heat sink W190xH35xL500mm.


The vegetation set up, which I will have 3 of. (Ã 18pcs) Is focused on the early stage of the growth. Obvious!
Then I will have the bloom set up of 2 extra (Ã 18pcs), which only have deep/far reds. Is focused on blooming.

So this project will be used something like below (Not written in stone).
When switching between the hours I will fade out the differences after reading about the best way to do it.
(have a programmable timer for DIN montage which might be used)

24h = Veg 50-75%!
18/6h = Veg 100% (Bloom 25-50%)
12/12h = Veg 50% + Bloom 100%

Any thoughts on my project?

Tips on build a nice box/case for it!?

It will later be a part of a grow box/room that is Temp/Humidity/Fans/Led-lamp controlled.

Thanks in advance. :Namaste:
Yes a bit, but i realised that i can build the result you get of the really expensive ones for the price of cheaper ones. Im a mechanic so this is a fun project.
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