DIY red LED module for flowering assistance

Paonia Purple

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Several vendors sell 100 watt LED modules on e-bay. Each module is 100 1 watt LED beads assembled in a 10 X10 matrix. The red and blue modules cost about $20.00 each. A 100 watt driver module also costs 20-25 USD.

I place the LED block on a recycled CPU cooling heat sink. Drill and tap four mounting holes, and use a thin uniform smear of the sink compound between the module and the sink. Tighten firmly.

The power supply takes 120 vac and converts it to 30-ish volts DC at 3 amps. These LED modules require a regulated amount of current.

This power supply had a nice wrap around heatsink/box. I used that for three sides of the housing, and the heatsink for the fourth side.

The cooling fan is a 12 vdc model (also out of a computer) and I had to make a little 12 volt supply to drive it. Just a transformer and diode, hooked to the same 120vac mains.

You can put the parts together however you want. I used 6000 glue, a really tough and temperature resistant glue. It stays pliable and strong.

The light is far too bright to look at directly. My main grow lamp has one red and one blue module. I'll add this extra red when flowering commences.

A fuse holder, end plate, and grommet over the power cord, and it will be ready to go.



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