do i cut and put into jars or dry first then into jars


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ok simple?

cut and hang dry for 12hrs in dark cool spot

and then transfer into jars for 10-12 hrs burp
lay out for 3-6hrs dry then back into jars to avoid mold

doing it up to 3-6 time sbut ideally 3-4 times

that way i can cure and be ready to smoke by 420 - ??t

but do i chop and put right into jars or do i hang dry first - not too interested in bag methods


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never mind 90% dry first then jar check for amonia smell thats mold ppl ehh then just burp till u get em dry .

--- have u threatened your plant latley , call it w*o*e and see if back talks you , lmao


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you shouldnt cut the nugs off the stems yet, keep them on stems, hang them, let dry for up to 5 days, depends on where you live due to humidity. Then , cut nugz off each stem, and put them in jars.. burp at least 2 or 3 time s day, and stir as to not let them mold.The longer you keep them in the JARS the better, a good cure lasts for a month.

How To Cure Your Marijuana Crop
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