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Droopy foliage with dark spots


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Soil Grow

Strain - Pineapple Express 1
Ayahuaska Purple 5
White Widow 2
Jack Herer 1
seedsman skunk 1

# of Plants - 10
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - VEG
Setup - 10 peat pots half clay half soil peat plugs sitting in basin
Light - 400 Watt HPS 1000 Watt MH
Nutrients - None
Medium - Half clay (plant!t) half soil fetilhome

PH - ...
RH - 27% to 72%
Room Temperature -70 to 86

Room Square Footage - 6.25
Pests - None Known

Problem: The foliage is starting to droop again this time with little dark spots some more distributed over all the leaves on one plant, also there is something growing in my water catching basin.

There is a previous post of this same grow if you are interested in what these guys have been through.

Yellowing droopy leaves burnt tips 5 of the plants lost all of their leaves

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