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  1. S

    New problem?

    hello all, a while back I posted that I was having problems with my first grow. Im using a General Hydroponics Rainforest 66. My initial problem was a common one....too much nutrient in the solution for such small plants. I corrected that but the problem persisted. The big problem, one...
  2. E

    Clay pebbles

    Hello! I’m thinking about using clay pebbles for my first grow! Where has everyone brought theirs from? Also rockwool for germination? Any help or tips would be much appreciated..
  3. gr865

    Question about coco and clay pellets

    Have used coco now for 5 years, different methods and grow techniques. Now it's straight Canna Coco and Canna nutes. During the early stages as the roots are developing and am hand watering, I am always displacing the surface coco and having to move it around and pat it back down. After...
  4. C

    A question regarding soil

    Hi everyone, longtime lurker here to ask the experts a question regarding soil. I am growing outdoors for the first time with a good mate here in southern Australia We have a nice spot and are busy digging some big holes (1m x 1m x 600mm deep). Our plants will hopefully have an ideal environment...
  5. Ron Strider

    Andrew Dice Clay Says Taking 'Two Hits Of Weed' Was The Secret To His Success

    Comedian Andrew Dice Clay says cannabis is the secret to his success. In a recent interview with Maxim, the shock comic revealed that he developed his outrageous standup material in the 80s and 90s by having a couple tokes before beginning his sets. "I'll go on stage, I'll take two hits of...
  6. HigherTheHigh

    Hydro dripper question - Perlite & clay pebbles?

    currently running 4 pot wilma systems with clay pebbles. going to run 7l pots next but im thinking of putting 2 inches of clay pebbles in the bottom then filling the remaining with perlite, any oppinions on this?
  7. C

    Droopy foliage with dark spots

    Soil Grow Strain - Pineapple Express 1 Ayahuaska Purple 5 White Widow 2 Jack Herer 1 seedsman skunk 1 # of Plants - 10 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - VEG Setup - 10 peat pots half clay half soil peat plugs sitting in...
  8. K

    FL: Clay County Commission Imposes Temporary Medical Marijuana Moratorium

    Green Cove Springs - The Clay County Commission has adopted a temporary moratorium on medical marijuana treatment centers and licensed dispensaries for up to one year. Voting unanimously Jan. 24, commissioners approved the measure that either could be rescinded earlier or be extended longer...
  9. K

    FL: Clay County Considering Medical Marijuana Moratorium

    Clay County, Fla. - The Clay County Commission is working to pump the brakes on medical marijuana businesses - at least until they get a better idea of how dispensing the drug will work. Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment in November legalizing the drug for 10 illnesses, but...
  10. R

    12 IWS Flood & Drain

    clones showed roots on 16th february 2.4m 2.4m tent dark room secret garden 8"high power red scorpion carbon filter 8"high power rvk exhaust 6" high power rvk intake scscom hybrid fan controlled 8"silencer 2 x 600 watt will be adding 3rd hopefully digital ballasts lumi 100l of water in iws using...
  11. R

    8 Wilma vs 6 Pot - It's Flood & Drain

    received clones on 16th february 2.4m 2.4m tent dark room secret garden 8"high power red scorpion carbon filter 8"high power rvk exhaust 8" low power rvk intake scscom hybrid fan controlled 8"silencer 3 x 600 watt has digital ballasts 100l of water in wilmas using clay pebbles have not hooked up...
  12. F

    Wanting to start with hydro - So I need some pointers/beginner advice - Atami Wilma?

    I am growing organic in soil for some time, semi-outside in a greenhouse on the balcony under LEDs. Ever since I am growing in soil I feel that I run into all sorts of issues, like water ph, soil ph, possibly overwatering and then nute deficiencies because of chocked roots etc... along with...
  13. N

    Question about clay pebble medium

    I was wondering if it was a good idea to reuse clay pebbles for a second round or should i just get new ones i had them in a ebb n gro system . tks :420:
  14. D

    Room heating

    I've seen this "Clay pot heater" with candles so I thought of doing something of the sort for the grow box. Not with candles, obviously, but with a cup warmer that i have. Will it work if I just take one small clay pot and put it upside down on the cup warmer? or mabye even a tin can instead of...
  15. 4

    420Lyf's 1st Time Clay Pebble Unknown Grow Journal - 2015

    Hey there guys, This is my first time growing and Iam using 420magazine.com as a base for most of my acquired knowledge about Cultivating Cannabis. Aim for this grow is to sprout a strong mother so I can clone for future grows while doing it in a stealthy confined space. Eventually when the...
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