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Dutch Passion - Blueberry (Fem)


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I have had disappointing results with DP's version of blueberry. Firstly, the product smells nothing like blueberry to me. Also, I get a lot of mutant plants. Has anyone else had similar results--specifically the high prevalence of mutations? By mutation I mean leaves growing as half of a leaf, funky shapes, etc. Keep in mind that I am controlling the environment well with optimum temperature, medium ph, nutes, no light leaks, etc.

Comparing it to DP's femmed power plant--the powerplant is always completely uniform in growth and shape. I am just wondering whether DP's blueberry is a deficient strain of genetics...

Thanks in advance for sharing! :cool027:


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Ive had experience with the same strain.But my only problem was that they turned hermi, One of them did grow all mutant and found out that it was the ferts. How old are the plants?


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Thanks for the replies, mates. To address your question of the plant ages, MOTAvation, they are one month old today. I never add nutes to the fox farm ocean forest potting soil that I use during the first month of growing.

One concern I have, however, is that I germinated the seeds under 12/12 lighting right away. I wonder whether skipping the vegetative stage is detrimental for DP's blueberry. DP's powerplant is thriving, though, so it makes me think that DP's blueberry is just temperamental or just a genetically unsolid strain.

You're probably right, stoner4life, I should have gone the DJ Short route--I think DJ Short was the originator of the blueberry cross / strain.
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