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Dutchman’s 1st Grow Ever: 2018


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Started germ in peat pucks on July 27th

- This morning one Widow and 1 Early Miss popped up! The E.M is about 2cm and the W.W just peeking through the top of the peat. I put the girls under 1x of my aero garden hoods. I have a second I will pull out once I see their first nodes. Hoping the heat from the lights will encourage the last 2 girls to pop up!

Growing in a 4x4x6.6ft. mammoth grow tent 120PRO. I have a 4” carbon filter with inline fan on its way for this week. I will post pics to show unit once installed in tent !

I have a 600w HPS for flowering and 2 CFL hoods to start them baby ladies off!

Tent Conditions~
R.H: 55-65%

Going to be moving the girls into their final homes of 5G smart pots once I see roots out of the bottoms. Pucks are all still moist so not misting anything yet. Using filtered PHed water all the way through so far. If there’s anything I’m missing any words of advice would be greatly appreciated !! I’ll keep the pics coming as these girls start their journey.


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Hey all, Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

Update on the grow tent!
2x White Widow autos
1x Early Miss auto

I moved these girls to a bigger home for the next few weeks of growing before going to their final 5G smart pots.

I have my lights on 24/7 currently only 1xaero hood second will go on once I get the exhaust installed tomorrow!

** Few questions
- is 80degrees an ok temp to be sitting at ?
- will they be ok to have second light on them ?
- using PROMIX hp ~ no nutes just pHed water thus far

Is the E.M. leaf that is damaged going to affect the continued growth ?

@Blew Hiller @SweetSue


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Evening everyone ! Hope you all had a great day! So I finally got my can filter and exhaust ! I’ll attach some photos.

The girls are growing with WW2 being the biggest so far ! Getting bigger by the day! They loved the transplant and have jumped since yesterday evening. The second set of true leaves are start to show their tips. Looking forward to seeing these girls into adulthood!! Temp is between 74-77 in tent now with the exhaust installed! Humidity is sitting around 55-60.

All soil is still moist so not watering today.

Happy smoking and I’ll update in the morning as I have the day off :p


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Good morning everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the day so far. Here’s an update in the Tent!
Temp ~74-77 i have the exhaust on a timer cycling every 2 hours on for 2 hours off just to ventilate the tent and keep it consistent will have it on full time with the 600w once I flip over to it. R.H.- 55-60% constant keeping it around there has been the norm thus far.

Going to start using Sensi Bloom “A+B” at a 1/8th dose in a week or depending on growth and size. Will use a 2 week cycle of voodoo juice once in 3rd week to help transplant to final 5g homes.

All the girls have great growth over night and have nice perky green leaves. The biggest WIDOW is doing great with her second set of leaves starting to show along with her two sisters right behind.

Without further delay here are the girls!!


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I’m looking forward to growing along side all of you and learning what I can ! I hope to meet a lot of new people and gain as much knowledge and insight as possible ! Good luck growing !


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HELP!! ( please read below )

Let me start off firstly by saying....Hello again and thanks for joining me ! Everything seems to be going smoothly so far all are showing good growth.

News from the tent !
Ladies are all frisky and growing well ! The one white widow has moved onto the second node ! The EM has started her second leaves.

I had a question about my one WW .. what could this colouring be from I’ve watered (phed) once in the beginning and havnt since then. The other two have been treated the same way and don’t have the colouring should I be worried?! :eek: Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!! This is her.
Not sure if I should be concerned or not she seems perky and healthy otherwise !


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Hey everyone,

Sorry I havnt updated since Friday been super busy! The girls are doing well all growing up !

Temp is keeping between 77-81’F
RH is keeping around 50-60%
Still using pHed water for them gave 50ml on Friday evening. Still moist so not watering today check again tomorrow ! Hoping for them to start vegging a bit quicker now that they are onto their second nodes! Waiting for another week and then turning on the HPS600w at 50% to boost the light.

Here’s the girls.


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Hello and good evening everyone !!

I have moved ahead and put my 600W on the girls at 24” away and hoping to see some growth in the next few days. I have changed the light cycle to 18/6 now that I have the big boy light on! Gave a 50ml more water today and noticed a slight bit of wilting so holding off on watering for a day to let soil dry up more. They are moving onto their 3rd set of leaves so next watering I am going to start them with a 1/8th dose of veg nutes and see how they girls take to it! If you think I should wait or hold off on nutes for another week please let me Know! I have also started another seedling :green_heart: EARLY MISS AUTO FLOWER. From Crop King Seeds.

The temperature in the tent with the 600w at 100% is : 83’F

Humidity is: 50% I am worried this is to low so I have tried adding in a moist towel under the light next to the fan to allow more moisture to be spread in the tent. Is 50% to low for the girls? If so any thoughts on how to bring up the humidity without buying a humidifier ?

Hoping the girls like the new light and start to grow bigger and stronger once yhis slight overwatering clears up! Fingers crossed and “HIGH” hopes :Namaste:

Any advice or thoughts is appreciated !

Here are the girls under their new light!

Thanks all and happy smoking:goodjob:


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Hello and :Namaste:

It has been almost a week since my last post and WOW fellow 420s have I got some updates for you!! There is Huge growth in the tent and the girls are doing great !! In my last pics all the girls were still in 4” pots. Since then I have transplanted all of them into their final homes of 5G smart pots. My method of transplanting will be further down in this writeup! :) I have updated my tent setup a bit more as well by adding in a 4” intake fan for more circulation keeping my temps regular around 81/82’F. My R.H. Is floating around the 45-50% mark and has been steady there. Since transplanting the girls have been growing great and havnt slowed down since!! You will be able to see how much the girls have come along since last Monday when I posted ! What a difference!!
Sooo as for transplanting.. I know I know everyone out there says your not supposed to transplant autos but being my first time growing I didn’t feel confident in not overwatering in a larger pot!! So I stuck to starting in Jiffy Pucks then moved to 4” pots. On tuesday this week I transplanted to 5G smart pots and the girls took off!! My method to transplant is as follows and I didn’t seem to notice any slowdown or “shock” to the girls after their move.

1- watered them 24hrs before transplant with a 1/4 strength feed of nutes Sensi Grow A+B pH perfect solution.

2- Following morning I dug a spot into the new 5G pots and put the girls into their spots! Gently levelling the dirt with the top of the plants existing dirt I repeated for all.

3- Once all in their new pots made a mixture of Voodoo Juice 2ml/l and CalMag 3ml/G And watered 1L per plant. I left alone for 3 days under the 600W HPS at 75% strength(450W) at a 18/6 light schedule. Monitoring the soil moisture I watered again yesterday with 1.25L of CalMag and pHed water. Steady growth each day slowly started to branch out! Going to start some LST next few days once I start seeing a bit more nose growth !!

If there’s and questions or something to add please feel free to comment ! I appreciate you all growing along side me and look forward to seeing you in the garden!! I’ll keep the updates more frequent these up coming weeks with lots more pictures of the girls growing!!

Peace and love :Namaste::green_heart:


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Hey @Hootenanny your more than welcome I’m glad to have you along for the journey! Research has been something I have done my fair share of and I intend to grow the best medicine I can! I have begun this journey here on @420 to grow along side all of you and gain as much knowledge as I can! I look forward to many positive years of growing and learning along side the whole 420 community!


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Hello and good evening 420 friends !
Just a quick update for today as the girls are progressing nicely. I went in this morning and they were still slightly moist after work I could feel moisture 2 knuckles down. I weight tested the pots and they were asking for a watering! It wasn’t a feed time today so I mixed up a batch of CalMag at 3ml/G and fed them each 2.54L of pHed water.

E.M.#2 is exploding out the gates with huge growth over the last week she’s getting a transplant in 2days!! Pictures of the transplant will be posted. I started to see a few roots at the bottom of her pot so it’s time for her upgrade ! She got watered today with same CalMag water solution and will be ready in a day for her 5G home!!;)
So without delay here are the girls today settling in after a good watering !


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Hello 420 Friends !!

It has been a productive 2 days!! The girls went under a bit of bending and have bounced back. I have also transplanted EM#2 into her final 5G smart pot! I put her in new 5G and watered with 1L of water mixed with 2ml/L of voodoo juice and 1.25ml/L of CalMag. I will keep you posted on her progress over the next few days as she settles into her new home!

All 4 ladies are now in their final spot ma enjoying the light ! The 600W HPS i’m still running on 75% waiting for preflowers to start then kicking it up to 100% to give it everything possible for flowering !

It’s now Week3 Day 1 this will be the bigger girls first Bloom nute feed this week. They will be getting a feed either tomorrow or the next day depending on moisture levels.

When I do feed it will be with:
AN Sensi bloom A+B 1/4 strength dose
Full strength voodoo juice 2ml/L
1/2 Strength cal mag 3ml/G

This will be my feed schedule for week 3 come week 4 feeding they will get a half dose of bloom nutes and same voodoo / CalMag.

Here are the girls growing happily and getting another round of LST in the next day or so depending on feed!


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Hello and good morning !

So it has come to my attention I have written the wrong feeding above I will not be doing any bloom nutes my apologies I don’t know what I was doing lolo_O the voodoo juice and CalMag will remain the same but I will be using AN Sensi Grow A+B for the next 2-3 weeks until I see stretching slow down then switch over to bloom nutes! My apologies for the confusion I must have smoked a bit to much ! :Namaste: I will have an update in the tent later today !


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Hello 420 Friends and :Namaste:

It’s time for an update in the tent !! All 4 autos are growing great ! The 3 bigger girls 2x white widows and 1 Early Miss are growing bigger with great growth. I have been doing light bending and LST to them to improve light to the bottoms! The early miss2 is taking off in her new 5G pot! When the top node started off growing after transplant it split into a 3 weird 3 node split! I have not topped or done anything except water her thus far! Temp is staying constant around 82’F humidity is right around the 50% area. It was feeding day for the girls so they got a mixture of voodoo juice at 7ml/gal cal/mag at 4ml/gal and veg nutes at the 10ml/gal (half strength) AN Sensi Grow A+B. After feeding This morning did a bit more LST and waiting to see them bounce back after feeding !! Here are some updated photos... if you have any questions please shoot me a msg !
More updates to come over next few days as I am going to be trying a topping of the smallest Early Miss2 in the next few days once her growth picks up !

Without further adue here are the girls,

Thanks and happy growing:peace::green_heart:

The smallest plant is the Early Miss 2 and you can see the múltiple nodes at the top and I did NOT top or touch this is just how she’s growing !! I am going to try topping her so we will see how she goes !! More posts to come !!


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Hello 420 Friends and what is up!!

Great action and news from the tent these last few days !! I have been keeping up with the LST Bending each day just a light bend to expose the bottoms no tying down or anything. I have topped the EM2 today as well! It was onto its 5th node so I figured it was perfect time. The 3 bigger plants have all been loving the LST and have started their explosive growth. They have entered into week4 and today is day1. I have some absolutely beautiful news! The first of the big plants have shown her true colours! The first pistols on the plant have arrived on WW2!! I’ll be keeping an eye on the other 2 plants who should be right behind her! Since the feeding on Saturday beautiful new growth and huge fan leaves have errupted. Water level is good today possible watering tomorrow...just pHed water with CalMag this time no nutes. Voodoo juice will be used once more on the next feeding before stopping it in the nute mix entirely for the rest of the Grow. Hoping to see some really big growth over the next week as these girl(s) are starting their stretch i think ! Ha:p

I’ll keep some updated posts of the EM2 after the topping today! It has spread itself bigger since noticing the 3node middle! Here are the freshest pics from the tent ! Any thoughts , comments , questions please shoot me a line!


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Hey Hey everyone!:ciao:

Let’s get right down to it !! Dutchman’s first live video update is coming up!! Just trying to get it uploaded properly!

So until then here is a visual update of the tent !

EM2 is growing beautifully after topping at the beginning of the week! Awesome new growth and nice tight node spacing !
you can see her stalk after training this week has a nice bend in it ! Training to continue with tying down this upcoming week! Photos to come!

As for the older girls let’s visit them!

EM1 - Insanely tight stacking of nodes absolutely gorgeous girl ! Can’t wait to see her start flowering !!

Both of the white widow autos are lovely and growing strong! They are the 2 tallest girls and have shown multiple pistol sites!! They are starting to have a lovely sniff to them and have started stretching more over the past few days as they are in Week 4 day 5 today! Here’s the 2 girls looking lovely:circle-of-love::5:

Thanks for visiting the garden and I’ll try to get the video update on here by this evening!!

Happy growing :goodluck::goodluck:
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