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Early Organic Soil Grow - First Feeding - EWC/Guano Or Use Fox Farm?


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Hi folks,

Growing in Soil, Roots Organic soil & coco mix currently 5 days since sprouting. 9 seedlings in solo cups.
Under T5s and plan to pot up to 1-gal in another 9-16 days.
Already gave first drink of water on day 3. Second set of leaves showing.
No nutes, only water and a little SuperThrive so far.

Next water I'm planning to:

- Feed with Bu's Brew Compost Tea
- Top dress with Dr. Earth Kelp Meal

Now, my question:

Is this overkill? Or should I start 1/4 (or 1/2) strength FF liquid nutes (Grow Big & Big Bloom) as per their instructions.


Get EWC and Mexican Bat Guano instead and add the Kelp Meal (which will almost be the same as FF bottles).

All other photos/info in my signature. Appreciate the feedback! Thanks!
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