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Female . . . Need Some Expert Eyes On The Photos To Confirm, URGENT Please Respond !


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Me and the girls don't seem to be having a great week so far ! 'paddy smoke' and any other person with an insight into sexing; i have another query that i am hoping you can provide a conclusion for. I noticed today (as the above posts made me go over every cm of the girls bodies) that there is another displaying attributes that i am uncertain of. The pictures below are all of the same unit, i have provided multiple as there is clear evidence that supports my initial conclusion that she is intact a she, not another he ! However, as you can see (hopefully clearly) there are yet more 'sac' like attributes that i am not positive are 100% female. I have everything crossed that you guys (maybe girls) are going to tell me that they ARE NOT pollen filled testicles !! For obvious reasons, i will appreciate prompt responses incase worst case scenario becomes a reality :32:





All responses, advice and opinions are greatly received.

Thanks in advance !


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Re: Female . . . Need Some Expert Eyes On The Photos To Confirm, URGENT Please Respo

bring it out , pick one off and see if there is pollen , looks like pollen sacs to me also , can you get a good picture in natural light as i do think i see a pistol coming out of one in the 3rd picture , , its a good flowering hermie if they are balls which i think they are


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Re: Female . . . Need Some Expert Eyes On The Photos To Confirm, URGENT Please Respo

Kola 320 - Thanks for the response. I have carefully removed the plant from the tent and using a small tray of water removed the 3/4 sacs. They did not seem to have any pollen in them though ?! As i am able to keep a close eye on the he-she i am going to remove any sacs that appear and hopefully it will continue to grow as a female (i know if it keep producing that its technically a hermie)

Oh and the unit that is pictured in this thread is 'Cotton Candy'. The unit that has a single picture in my other (previous) thread is 'Painkiller'. I also have 'ICE Bomb' units too. They are all high producers and are proving that so far. Day 18 of 'flower/bloom' and there are significant buds on the right track for a good yield. As things are going i can see an average of 2oz per unit. Who knows could be less . . . . .could easily be more. Have to wait and see . . . . . . . if the girls produce a significant yield.

Thanks for the response !
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