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First Build 4x8 Tent w/ 3x6 Table


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Hey Guys,

In the process of building my room. Here some pics of what i started so far. Still have to have an electrician come in and wire up my controller but the ventilation has been run, tent has been built and lights have been hung.

Currently i have my veg set up in the closet of the same room with a T5. Going to be doing rock wool cubes on slabs. I plan on keeping these girls in the closet with the T5 for about 4 weeks. Then I will move them to slabs in the tent and veg for another 8 days or so to allow them to adjust to the 1000's. After that hope to send them into flower and enjoy some result 9 to 10 weeks later. PS Sorry about the orientation on the photos. Will do better next time.

The tent set up so far is:
-2x1000 watt with 8 inch vented hoods.
-Titan 240V 8 Light Controller with 2 120v relays for timers. (Overkill for this setup however got a great deal on a refurbed unit)
-720 CFM in line fan for vetilation
-CanLite Inline 66 Filter
-3x6 Table
-40 Gallon Res

Veg Room\Closet
-1x4 T5
-1x4 Flood Tray\Table
-10 Gallon Res
-6 Kandy Kush Clones acquired from local dispensary.

Future Additions
-2 large fans for air movement in tent



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That's some serious kit you got laying around there, man. It's looking good. Good luck with the grow!


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Looking good so far!

Your missing a lid on your res though. Trust me, after a week all your gonna smell is that res. Plus it keeps light out, and other contaminates.
Thanks man! Adding a lid today which will also make my table a little more sturdy. Just transplanted some more clones today and I'm wiring my controller in tonight for my tent.

Should be a fully automated system by next week and the tent should be in use by mid November hopefully.


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Nice! What kind of controller do you have? I've been looking at a few myself, just hesitant to drop $600+ lol.

And a lot of DIY tables I have seen have the tray sitting directly on top of the res with two holes cut into the lid for your fittings.
I have a 240 v Titan Helios. It controls up to 8 lights. Each set of four lights has its own 120v relay to plug into timers. So I could technicall control two flower rooms or my veg and flower.
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