First Grow, great outdoors


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Hi 420! after being an observer for a few years i will now share my first grow. I started with 6 unknown female clones. They've been in veg for about a month now. Two have been growing for about 5 or 6 weeks, the rest for about 4. I will try to get pics soon as I must figure out how :smokin:
Is it a good idea to bend this one over like i did? I figured it would get more sun to the spot that gets a lot of shade, It wont be too weak later on will it?


Here's another baby


and another...


lookin good ehh?
I am growing most in the ground, I used the soil i already had, mixing in some new top soil. 1 is growing out of a pot, it is apparently blueberry but we will see. any input or questions, I'm here
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