First grow need help. Not sure what how to correct this problem.

I am thinking it was too low strength of nutes because at first I was not following Bunzboy's Flora Feeding Schedule for Soil Growers. I was following this nute guide from grow weed easy.

But after reading what you wrote about the week 4 ratios being Micro/Grow/Bloom at 2/0.5/3 tsp per gallon, I think I haven't been giving it enough nutrients.

My measurements are in mL. Those numbers are actually higher than what I feed at
I feed mine a teaspoon to a gallon of calimagic once a week, every other day I water with only 1 teaspoon to a gallon seaweed extract, I use fox farms soil straight,and fox farms big bloom as well only a teaspoon to a gallon. My girls love it!!
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