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first time on a budget


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Hello all,

I am trying this for the first time seriously.. i have killed every other thing i have tried to grow. So my room is a work in progress. I am getting everyrhing free. So it is taking longer then i thought. I doo have a bunch of grow flourescents and the fixtures just dont have them here yet.

I started these under a desk right under the light for about 3 weeks. Then transplanted them.to the buckets and to there new home where they have been for another 3 weeks. So six weeks from seed..

So any feed back is good. I know my room needs alot of work but not sure how the plants look. I have a good order of auto flowers on the way and will be ready for them.

Black soil
2.5 gal buckets
water about a cup each daily
umm no nutrients at all yet.
2 30 watt grow flourscents.
1 aquarium plant bulb i found.

I know its not good light or room but i thinknthere doing ok. I dont wqnt 7 foot tall plants. I almost wqnt to try scrog on these..

Any how first time and first post...

Its all higher learning from here.

And i cant figure how to load my pics.....


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Re: first time on a budjet

Welcome to 420.

There is a link in my signature telling you how to upload photos.

1 cup of water a day is too much, water thoroughly once then wait until the soil is mostly dry, and then water again.

Instead of scrog use coated wires to hold down the branches you want to keep low. Look up topping to help keep short.

Good luck.


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Re: first time on a budjet

Ok. Figured it out had to make a repost tho.

I judge when they need water by sticking my dinger in the soil. If it feels dry i gibe em a bit...


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It's all good. I started my first grow with just a plastic tote and a handful of CFL bulbs. Finished it under led, but would have used CFL if I had to. I still do all my vegging under those bulbs. You'll definitely want to bend them plants over and scrog them to take advantage of the lighting


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Re: first time on a budjet

These are dutch passion snow buds... i had 5 seeds but droped one and had two die seeding

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Welcome to 420 Bo. I've done several grows and all under CFLs. Now you can get 100w equivalent CFL bulbs which only draw 23w each. I have ten in my 4'x2' room and have had good success. You can buy CFLs in both daylight range and the lower (reddish) range for flowering. I grow under daylight bulbs for veg and the reds for flowering. CFLs are a good choice, particularly if power consumption is a concern. They're cheap and readily available just about anywhere. Bear in mind that a spiral CFL will emit the most light from the side of the bulb rather than from the end of the bulb like a normal incandescent bulb. These are also excellent for side lighting in a $7 work light at Harbor Freight tools. I would advise you to seek out Light Addict here on 420. He has helped me immensely. Good luck.
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