First time post - Veg room problem


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Hi my friends call me Turk, this is my first time posting but I'm sure it won't be the last. I've been reading a few threads and I've seen some good advice and I've chuckled at a few replies to posts that started getting whacky, gotta love pot smokers and their humour lol. Anyway my issue is in my veg room I normally veg my plants for 3 weeks before I start flowering but for the life of me I can't get my plants out of the veg room for at least 5 weeks, they're just not growing fast enough, root growth isn't what it should be either. In addition the stalks go purple, however when I flower them the purple gradually turns green. My veg room is 37.5 ft by 17 ft, lights are on 18 hours a day, I am having issues with lack of humidity which I am currently working out, I've been monitoring the humidity levels with meters placed above and below the lights and there has been wide fluctuations in humidity levels down to around 27% when the lights are on and back up to around 49% when the lights are off, I go into the veg room multiple times a day to lightly spray the plants down as well as soaking the floor in an attempt to bring the humidity levels around 60%. Can the humidity issue be at the heart of my problems or could it be something else entirely or a culmination of the humidity issues and something else? I'd appreciate any feedback, cheers.
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