Five's Auto Garden - Bubble Kush Auto & Think Big Auto

Nice take down 5, and really nice bud porn! What's up next in the queue?
More autos, or going back to photos?
Final Update:

Think Big is now dried, jarred and curing away. She ended up yielding 8.5 ounces which I'm pretty happy with and the buds are no where near as airy as my last round of plants. Frost is covering everything and you can't touch even the stems without without making your hands sticky as hell. The smell and taste are both strong citrus, which I quite like and the high is very strong and uplifting. All in all, a great plant!
She also gave off quite a few seeds too, although I'm again confused as to how, but pretty happy all the same.

Nice F#$%ING haul 5! That's an awful lot of broccoli. Sorry about the bean discovery. Let's hope it was an isolated incident.
these look amazing how did you like the strains taste? I have another 5 months before I can start my set up so doing a lot of reading now haha digging your journals man nice job:thumb:
They both were lovely as, really nice smoke.
Check out the new grow, it's even nicer .
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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