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Freezing seeds b 4 germ


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I have only heard that done to plants that need to stratify, like maples and redbuds. I just started my mmj seeds on 2/28 in the soil (Gardner's Choice - Blue Ribbon Blend, same thing as Fox Farm). All five came up within 10 days. I don't think you'll need to freeze them.


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6 for 6 with seeds from Nirvana in soil, all of them popped out of the ground within 3 days. You're better off soaking them in room temp water for 24 hours and make sure they sink. And a heat mat underneath helps too


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Prior to growing regularly, I kept seeds from nice mj in my freezer going back over 3 decades. I was doing an experimental crop using a high pressure pump and high pressure (but low flow) atomizing mist heads (called True Aeroponic Grow- TAG 2.0). I did not want to spend good money on seeds, so I dumped like about 100 seeds out thinking only a few might germ. DAMN. Almost all of them popped.

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I don't know that freezing makes the seeds more viable, I do know that if they are not kept at very low humidity... like, 5%, they will take in moisture and pop or just go foul!
I'm pretty sure that freezing them is more for keeping them long term... like, 3 years or more... that's the only thing I have heard regarding the freezing of seeds.
I just keep them high and dry, they always work good for me!

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I don't and wouldn't freeze, but spending some time in the fridge works well. The veggie crisper is perfect.

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