French Macaron, ICP round 2. LED, Coco

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Hi there. While i was completing flowering of ICP in the room i had cuttings vegging in a 1.2m tent. My original plan was to flower the tent 3 weeks after the room, but i had some problems that took me a month to work out.

By this time there was no point flowering in the tent as they started growing large once i corrected the problem. So i waited until the room had finished flowering to finish them off in there.

Strain information : French Macaron (cutting), gelato 33 x french cookies, 56-63 days flower

Ice Cream Punch (cutting), gelato 33 x purple punch, 56-63 days flower,

OGKZ (feminised seed, 4th generation cutting that I've taken), OGKB x Zkittles, 56 days flower

Grow equipment : Sanlight Q6W gen1 215w x 3
Hacienda h16 plus 700w x 1
315mm extractor 1350m3/hr,carbón filter, passive air intake, baffled exhaust, 1x wall oscillating fan, 1x floor oscillating fan
500w ceramic panel heater
50GPD Reverse Osmosis water filter
30mm XPS insulation on floor, covered with EPDM rubber

Nutrients & Mediation : Bluelab Truncheon EC meter & Bluelab multimedia pH meter
Canna Coco A+B
Mills Calmag & Canna Calcium
Cannazym, AN Voodoo Juice
Growth technology Silicon
Cannaboost, PK 13-14
Moonshine nutrient enhancer

Substrate : 100% coco, reused from previous grows.

I had done really well at rooting the cuttings at 0.8 EC and i increase it to 1.2 once they were in the 3L pots. My problems started when i used brand new Canna coco professional plus and didn't wash it out properly (i watered it with 1.2 EC nutrient solution with calmag).

It's best to use something like FloraKleen first and get runoff. Then a day later use whatever strength solution you plan to give to the plants and get runoff.

I've found this the best way to avoid a magnesium lockout / purple stems / slow growth after transplant. Temperature is a factor in slow growth and purple stems, but if using coco as a substrate it needs to be cleaned of salts first and supplied with sufficient levels of calcium and magnesium prior to use.

I had 2 soil plants in there revegging and they were green, just growing slow and lots of thin nodes.
The lime green colour and purple stems started appearing on this ICP
I was getting fed up of the plants not growing and for me wasting my time and money growing them and they not doing much. So i decided to use a bottle of powdered bacteria for vegetation and feed them a higher EC solution of 1.6
I transplanted the best plant into a 30L pot and used this solution.

After a day i noticed the vitality and green coming back into the plant so i used the rest of the bacteria and used a 1.6 EC solution to water all other plants.
Everything started going green again and growing like mad. I topped the best plant early on and she took up 1/4 of the tent on her own, i had to rotate her a few times to move the tips away from the LED.
At this point i was like "ahh crap". The room wasn't ready, i couldn't raise the led up any higher. I noticed some whitefly inside of the dense canopy.
The dense canopy was not allowing airflow and the overcrowding was stunting the plants. Some of the lower nodes were having the tips die. I gave them a defoliation at this point and Sprayed with cola de caballo.
When i finally got the room free i gave it a good clean, took the big plant out of the tent and spaced the others so they could breathe.
I had a partial roll of rubber EPDM which is for waterproofing roofs, so i covered most of my insulated floor to protect it from water spillage, foliar spray, fungus and mould which could grow under plastic . I ran out of the roll so i have a patch uncovered until i can get a piece to patch it in.
The smaller plants from the tent had been supporting each other as they didn't have enough space in the tent, or wind to strengthen them. So once i brought them into the room They flopped over. I wasn't sure what to do for a few days because of the height difference between the big plant and the smaller ones. I suppercropped most of the branches on the big ICP as low as i could without her going wider than i can support with lights.
I decided to transplant everything into bigger pots using 50L x4 and 69L x 3.
I set them up like this so i can use bottles and nutrient containers cut to size for collecting the runoff. Ideally i would plumb together each line of pots/ saucers so the water drains to a central collection point.
I set the scrog height at 1.4m so the plants had a little room to grow into it and not the net forcing them down. At this point i was using 1.8EC, i did notice a few of the leaves develop a sideways curl and a slight downward claw.

The next feed i decrease the EC to 1.6 and went from 5.8 pH to 5.6. Within 2days i noticed a problem on growing tips of the big ICP, they are getting enough nutrients so it's not a deficiency. I suspected a pH lockout, i checked the coco inside the bottom of the pot through a hole and it was 5.6 pH.
Now I've grown this plant before and had it turn lime green and start going purple when the pH was lower than 5.8. After irrigation with a solution of 1.6 EC and 6.0 pH the runoff was 2.4 EC and 6.0 pH.

So i had some nutrient build up inside the pot and the low pH affected both of the same strain. The other plants/ French Macaron were not affected by pH at 5.6, they were all looking healthy in comparison to the ICP.

I flushed both ICP plants thoroughly and they started growing well again, none of the other plants needed a flush.
Today i went through them all and took off all nodes and leaves under the scrog net, Anything good i took for cuttings and the rest for the compost pile.
The scrog is 2.5m long and 1.2m wide. The big ICP has really filled out the net while the French Macaron is growing its shoots closer together /bushy.
This big girl is doing awesome at the moment
These are the French Macaron. I had to take off a few fan leaves blocking the other tips from direct light.
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