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Full spectrum LED bulbs

So I've switched to some full spectrum extra led bulbs just as a experiment.. So far so good. I'm using 4 t12 4ft grow bulbs and have added the full spectrum bulbs as a extra. I know I know I need to upgrade lol but I'm new and just experimenting now. Am upgrading after this grow just figuring out if I go full spectrum led panels or some 1000 watt hps/mh here's a link to one someone recommend that I'm thinking of buying just for my clones starting out. For veg and flower the grow shop has a real nice switchable 1500 watt. Figure gotta spend the money to get the good stuff lol.

I've included a few pics. My smallest is just over 5ft tall and biggest is just over 6ft. And today marks 2 weeks into flowering using tiger bloom half strength.

Also like I said I'm new to this but have been reading a lot of post and learning as much as I can. I'm just a small grower for my own personal use. So any tips you care to share I'm open to learning about.
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