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Germany: Teen Turns In Mother For Growing Marijuana

Ron Strider

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German authorities say a teenager had to be taken into protective custody after his mother became infuriated with him for turning her in to police for growing marijuana plants at home.

Police said Tuesday the 15-year-old called authorities to report his mother Monday night after confirming on the internet that the plants she was growing were marijuana.

Police say they found 19 plants as tall as 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) at their home in the southern town of St. Leon-Rot, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of Frankfurt.

They opened an investigation of the boy's mother, and she was so incensed with her son that they took him to a youth home as a safety precaution. They say that he may have to stay there "for some time."

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28 Grams

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Wow, what kind of son would do that! I don't know their relationship, maybe she abused him and he was justified but still that's your mother!

Amy Madragana

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Ha! Pretty close to Heidelberg, where I was stationed back in the '90s with the US Army. You'd think it would be the other way around: the mother turns in her teen for 'm a r i j u a n a' possession.. whatever. What a MORON! I have been growing for 4 years now.

Amy Madragana

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Well! 'Marijuana, Marihuana' is such an UGLY word. Call this awesome plant what it is: CANNABIS (Sativa/Indica). I love my Sativa! Talk about opening the mind... for real. Don't knock it. It will reveal strange and awesome things. Trust me; I've been places and seen things that would literally blow your mind. I've been on the edge of sanity and been places light years away.. And, no Cannabis is NOT some BS 'gateway to harder drugs'.. Just another BS misinformation propaganda by the PUPPET GOVERNMENTS. And if you grow the stuff I do, yes, you WILL experience some awesome things.. believe you me! Truly, it is all about genetics! It really is.
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