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Getting started with clones


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Howdy all. another noob question, where is the best place typically to get clones to start your grow. Through a collective/dispensary where you would be part of the club? My note book is getting thick with all the stuff i am trying to digest and learn.


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Yes a respectable dispensary is the best place to get clones. You can look online for a site that lists menus for your local dispensary. Sorry can't mention the actual name of the site here.

Check your local dispensary menus, most list what clones they have in stock. You can google the strains to find what one matches your growing environment and goals. Also take a look at the threads for the dispensary to see if there are any complaints about bugs, mold, etc.

Hope this helps! Good luck to ya!

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I agree. Dispensaries are a good place to start, although they aren't always the best. I have gotten clones from a dispensary that had spider mites and subsequently wiped out an entire crop. I never returned to that dispensary. Others have had scrawny clones or clones with poorly established root systems. I now travel oven an hour because I know of 3 reputable clubs that I have procured clones from previously.


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Thanks guys, i will check out a few co-ops where i will be getting established for my grow.Didn't really want to spend a ton on seeds from over seas. Although i likely will buy a couple of strains that way to have some variation down the road.
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