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GH Waterfarm (8 site) Pineapple Chunk/C99


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Hi there,

Setup as of now:

Light: 1k HPS
Medium: GH 8 site Waterfarm (currently running 3 sites), Rapid rooters
Nutrients: GH Flora Series, Poor mans Clearex, and molasses
Temp: N/A
Humidity: N/A

This is my first time using this system, so on this grow I intentionaly did not use any intrumentation. I needed to see if I could grow just based on "letting the plants talk to me." I had many a sleepless night, wondering if I would wake up to dead plants, and on 3 occasions, i did . I started this grow with FOUR Pichunks, a C99 and a Bubblegummer.

I will be using my meters on all grows from now on, I just needed to know that I could grow w/o relying too heavily on the "science" (for lack of a better term) of growing.

These is my first pics of many to come, I hope, but , my dog ate my camera, and all i got is my dumb cell cam, which i will try to get some good pics up in the next few days as i approach my first chop on the 15th or so.

I plan on doing a "progressive" Harvest

the Pichunk is said to be a 55 day'er but they do not seem like they will be totally ready, so I am going to take some of the Biggest cola's off the top of the canopy, and let the rest go @ 5 day intervals

the C99 will start being chopped on the 20th, in the same manner, as UFO stated they flower in 60 to 65 days.

I read somewhere that once the plants look ready, to wait a week, so I am putting my own spin on it, so to speak.

This progressive harvest will also allow me to dial in the strains to determine my preferences on the overall finished product.

**wasn't sure where to exqctly put this post, as it is not a "seed to smoke" journal, more of a "last 2 weeks journal"...can be moved if it fits there better? :) **

You will see by the pic that the 3 plants decided to strecth on me. While i expected the C99 to stretch, the Barny Farm Pineapple chunk, which is supposed to be an Indica Dom strain stretched like a mofo too. Part of the stretch was due to my DOH!! moment.... I had the fan too far from plants and therefore had light @ proportionate height. I woke up one morning and my brain FINALLY decided to start working again. :/


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Hi there, a few more pics. I got in as many as i could before the light from the HPS became too intense for the phone cam, and here are the ones that came out best.

my two Pineapple Chunk's , Michele, and Kara are two different pheno's

Kara has a really sativa like stretch, great aroma very pineappally :) , really big flowers, but not much frostyness

Michele has the stretch i want, and the frostyness is great, but smaller flowers, and the aroma is VERY faint, but earthier and a lil spicier. Will get pics of the two "side by side" next time. for now, i just got the one of "kara".

edit: just realized that you can see "michele" in the foreground of the C99 canopy pic.


One of the side flowers, C99

Same flower better pic v v v

Canopy bud of C99 which i mistakenly labeled as Pichunk v v v

Pineapple Chunk #2 (Kara) v v v


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nice looking plants bud will follow thread to see how pineapple chunk does its supposed to be one of the highest thc in the world:yummy:


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First things first.

There was a Death in the family...

my lover died :(

but back to the pics.. If I follow the Barney Farm recomendations, I am 2 days away from cutting down my Pichunks, but they just don't look quite ready, so I have some thinking to do.

**grabs the Brain Vape**

I think I may let them go a lil bit longer, but due to some unforseen events, I am not going to be able to do the originally planned "Progressive" harvest.

The Pichunk Flowers are massive, but very leafy, and not too dense. I predict the trimming on these will be a chore, to say the least, gonna need some extra vapes for that.

I do have a C99 growing, and she is doing great, will get some of her pics up for the next update.

enjoy :)

::EDIT:: I am taking these photo's with my phone cam, so apologize for quality ::EDIT::


Group Bud shot "Kara"

"Kara" (the lighting is unintentional, but looks sweet)

There is my quick update, I just realized that I am taking a lot of the "same" pics. lol, going to get em all organized and see about doing a mini vid of progression pics.

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nice looking plants bud will follow thread to see how pineapple chunk does its supposed to be one of the highest thc in the world:yummy:

thx trike:tokin:

Of the two plants, "Kara" is displaying what I would call the "signatrure" Pichunk Characteristics, as far as the smell goes.

-Really strong "fresh cut" pineapple aroma on first inhale with a sharp sweetness on the back end(almost OG'ish)

"Michele" has almost no pineapple aroma, but has a nice skunky cheese smell. Her buds are not as big as the other one, but seem to be a little more dense. She is MUCH frostier than "Kara" as well.

I made a lot of mistakes with this grow, and I got some massive stretch during flower, but "Michele's" indica parentage pulled through and didnt stretch as much as "Kara" or the C99

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