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Glycerine to water like molasses?


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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has tried to use glycerine (not glycerol, there is a difference, glycerine is used to make glycerol) as an additive during the last watering of a plant before harvest?
I know many people say molasses is added as the fungi/bacteria can break it down and supply it to the plant. I was just wondering if there would be any different effects if you used glycerine? I use it to make spirits smoother and food sweeter so i thought, heck, lets see what people say.

I did a bit of research and found some journals that indicated it may affect primary and lateral root growth. Didn't think this would be anything negative for the plants about to be chopped.

Also if it did affect the roots would it just cause the plant to realize 100% that it is about to die and put all its remaining energy into the buds. I asked one of my colleagues who is a professor of botany and she had no idea haha

Thanks for the replies, have a good one
SxC :Namaste:
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