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Got me some Morroccan Hash...


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Well lucky for me I came across some hash from Morrocco. It's been a long journey between Africa to my hands, but I'm so happy for having it now. This guy from Morrocco went to this school in Arkansas. Well he ends up being roomates with my brother's best friend. He has this mixture of hash and grinded up nuts. It's pretty much in a powdered form. Well this guy had alot of it and he gave my brother's friend a whole shoebox full (not in an actual shoebox). Well my brother's friend eats some and he thinks they're nasty and it gets him too fucked up, so he gives it all to my brother. Anyways, a while back my brother and I mixed some of the powder and made some brownies. I hadn't been that high since I first started smoking. You know when you just get the giggles for no apparent reason, it was like that. So my brother also feels the same way as his friend about it being nasty. Just to let you know the shit was gross as hell the way we made it the first time. And since then some people have just been puttin the powder in milk and drinking it or just eating a small spoonful. It only takes about an inch sized piece of brownie to get you loaded depending on your tolerance. I been short on weed so I call my bro up today to get some of this to get me high. So now I got an ounce of this shit so it should last me a good while. I'm going to make it right tom. night in another brownie batch. Someone told me that they mixed it in some icing then spread the icing over the brownies and it covers it up perfect. I'll post up some pics tom. of the hash when I start baking. Has anyone ever heard of mixing the hash like this or have done it before? Sorry for the length of the story. Had to get it all out, I'm so happy. :rasta:


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you can mix hash with anything as long as it taste good to you. the nice thing bout hash is that the THC has already been activated so you can eat it straight or mix it with something tasty. but thats pretty freakin awesome you just got an ounce of hash, im still waiting on the day that a dealer drops a pound of weed on the road so i can find it.


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pics pending approval...i'll post asap


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This is the hash by itself...


This is the hash in the bowl ready to be mixed...


This is the hash mixed up in the icing I put on top of the brownies...


These are the brownies when I was done. They look shitty cause the icing is melting, but they turned
out real good and its even better today...


The are the nugs we smoked to keep us straight til they kicked in. Pic sucks but you can almost get the idea...


All in all last night was a good night. I still got about 3/4 ounce hash left. Many brownies left to be made.
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