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Greenhouse return to Veg. Am I screwed?



I put some Purple Kush in the greenhouse when the days were shorter than the nights in early February. On around March 15th, the days suddenly (or not so suddenly lol) became longer than the nights.

Now it's the end of March and the days are even longer, go figure :tokin:

Well, my plants started to stretch, look weird, and stopped fattening up the buds. Didn't take much research to realize they were re-veg'ing. I picked up some black plastic sheeting to make the nights longer a couple days ago.

Now for the question....am i screwed? If so, how screwed? I think they should know they're in flower mode once again, but having been subjected to slightly longer days than nights for almost two weeks can't be good.

I don't care if harvest is delayed a bit, but if I need to destroy them or use what's there for cooking and get a new crop in I'd like to do that asap.

Please help!

Thanks a ton.


Thanks for the reply. I've never had a hermie (only have a few grows under my belt), but will watch closely.

I wonder of they'll pick up where they left off or start the whole 60 day cycle again. It'll be interesting the next few weeks for sure.


Here are some pics I just took. Since starting to cover the greenhouse with black plastic sheeting the plants have started to flower again nicely. I still don't know what to expect in terms of time. They're at day 65 and should have been harvested already. Looks like I might be in for a major wait. Lesson learned.

Unless, of course, they hermie. Hopefully the pics below are clear enough. I wouldn't know a hermie if it had a sign attached. I've seen pictures, but looking at pictures and then your own plant is two different things. :yummy:

These little balls are fairly frequent throughout the plants. I detached one and tried to get a few different angles. Thanks for any help I can get.








OMG!!! Thank you! Thank you! I've been hitting F5 every ten minutes worried as all git go. I suppose I'm not out of the woods just yet, but I'm more hopeful now than yesterday. :surf:


Time for an update. Thanks everyone for all the help so far. This is an emotional time. :lot-o-toke:

I've now entered Week 4 of RE-Flower. No hermies spotted yet. I wanted to show some pics of the progress and get any opinions I can.

Trichs are half clear, half cloudy, and an amber every once in a while. The colas are huge, but don't seem filled in enough. This is my first greenhouse grow and I've never done outdoors, so I'm not sure what they are supposed to look like.

I should continue to wait, right? I'm tying up like crazy cuz the weight is really getting to them and I've had one branch collapse from it's weight so far. Hopefully I can get the rest tied up before more do the same.

Any comments on the pics are appreciated. This place is great!! :thanks:





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wow this is cool i was thinking for sure my plant was a herme but did not have the way to post pics. im so happy now!! SWEEEEET
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