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Hawaiian summer


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Aloha I have not grown any marijuana in over 10 years. But I tell you, buying weed here on Oahu is getting expensive. Just about 2 regular joints for $20.00. And the product these days and for years now is commercial indoor stuff. That's a shame living here in Hawaii. I live on Oahu where about 80% of the population of all the 7 islands and these dealers are getting greedy. Time to grow my own, and it will be leagues above the stuff on the streets here most definitely. . I finally ordered some seeds. It was a pain because credit card companies was not allowing foreign transactions. But I found a visa that does not mind so finally I have seeds. Because their is all kinds of seeds running around but I don't want them. I want confirmed genetics because that's where it's at. I made 4 orders in the $50 to $70 range from 4 different seed banks and 3 came thru. I have to be happy with that. TSSC, Herbies, and Nirvana seed co. Came thru. I made a second order with one of them again and I did not re over my seeds.. Its weird because I emailed them and I am no longer registered with them. They have not responded and I noticed that all the promotional emails I use to get has stopped. Oh well for $58. I divorce them hehehe. And only 3 seeds germinated from a pack of ten anyway so aloha and good bye to them. As far as the quality of the seeds, Looks like herbies was the best. A 10 pack of fem mix from female seeds from herbies, 100% germination and was $47 total including shipping and their guarantee.. Now that's the standard :) I have been hearing good things about Crop King. It's not the cheapest but it's fair, and if they have great genetics and high germination rate it would be worth it. And I am concerned about my seeds coming all the way from Europe. That just increases chances of not getting the beans. And of course all the seed banks have strains that make my mouth water and I like what I see at Crop King. Ok friends let me know something about Crop King or any good seed companies in North America. Mahalo


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ive got %100 germ rate......and it smokes like they say.
im smoking revolver right now......and it really is stoney, yet high.....very impressed.
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