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Head shops?

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I like glass pipes, especially spoons and bubblers. I'm not too familiar with bongs, also I find them expensive . I like earthy and rastafarian patterns. I very much enjoy watching the smoke pass through the stem.
Yeah - there are some crazy milkshots on youtube. Just search "toro milkshot" or any other glass maker, and you'll see some pretty sweet and crazy setup's people have.

Have you seen the Helix? That is a crazy little pipe. Not exactly little, and maybe even a little campy, but I think it'd be pretty rad to have. I think that's also on youtube.
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I have seen the Helix. It's interesting, but to scientific for my tastes. Nothing beats a hand-blown glass pipe. I like simple, expressive pieces. Something I can look at and admire.
Yeah - I like SALT's slides, and some of HOPS colabs. Before I really started smoking, I couldn't appreciate the more artful stuff - since I was like, "All I need is some papers, or maybe a little spoon." But now - I can see a lot of my money going to glass.
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I like to roll and use small pipes. It's not because I don't appreciate larger pieces. It's a lifestyle thing. I'm on the move alot, and it's easiest to carry some joints and a pipe. I don't mind inhaling hot smoke due to the fact I've been a tabbacco smoker for many years. I love putting a nug of OG Kush in my pipe and smoking wherever I may be.