Hello, again


I would like to introduce myself, again, I am the user previously known as petergreen.

I had to many people, things following me, in UAVs

So, I asked the great site administrators to change my user name to something not so personal.

Cause, you know Peter Green is my real name. ;)

NOW, call me massmedman,,, or like my wife -- mmm

Lol, love this place. thank you!!

I was running from copters, Dan ;)

Thanks buddy ;)
Welcome... again brother! Happy to have you back with us. :)
If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
Greenest Regards,

Thanks Beateo. Glad to be back.

I need to stop referring to myself and others here as users. That's short for username, and since I'm a techie in real life it's,,, normal to me. But, other people looking from afar might wonder what I'm using. Wait, this is 420,, well anyway. I use medicinal cannabis for doctor prescribed, and lawfully approved reasons. And I fully support those who want to learn more, just like me.
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