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Hello All Total newb here...Possible Problem


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Hello and HELP
Hey everybody, i am totally new to growing just about everything.
Got a clone from a friend of a friend not sure what it is G13???
Anyways was able to transplant with no problems that I noticed.
Used FFOF with 25% perlite. First waterings used distilled and run off was
ph6.7, ppm1007.Approx 3 weeks later (today) I decide to start nutes...
GH GRO, Micro & bloom...1 tsp each in a gallon of my aged tap water.
ph was 6.4,ppm was1056 after mixing.decided not to ph up or down.
I put approx 1/2 gallon in the soil and waited for runoff...
1st runoff was ph5.9,ppm2000+,ec3999+ (my hanna combo meter maxes out at 2000 and 3999 I guess).
I wait 45 min or so check again...same thing ph6.0, ppm&ec maxed.
Help what should I do? I dont want to kill it.
Thanks for any help,Hope I posted this in the right section, if not where should I put it.

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Thanks MV I've been lurking for a while and read quite a bit here and other sites and it seems the ppm I've seen are around 1000 to 1500 and still not sure if that is where its supposed to be or not I was hoping someone would help and say whoa way to much or it will be okay just cut back some. I went light I thought and now the readings are off the scale...should I flush?
Hope someone else chimes in. Thanks


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BTW: Flush with Ph'd water, basic PPM Feeding Schedule
Week 1 200-400 ppm
Week 2 600 ppm
Week 1 600-800ppm
Week 2 800 ppm
raising every week 200ppm, until maxed at 1000-1500 ppm or until tips of leaves start to burn yellow but I usually keep it around 1000 ppm not to burn off trichomes varying at very end with a bloom booster then flush be careful watch your plants and ask questions. :goodluck: Highest I have gone with success is 1750 but some strains just gobble up nutes, go slow you can always add but to take away is difficult and arduous.
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