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Hello all. Virgin here.


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Hi lady's and gents and "special" lady's ;). Very new grower here. Sorry I was excited and posted about my very first attempt at a grow. But I have a little 5 day old healthy lookin plant and I would like to share that with you folks. So I need to up load pics and get them in my growers journal. Hope for some criticism; constructive or harsh are welcome. So whuddup?! :)


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my friend and i have also just started growing we stumbled upon some already growing and now were planting seeds it seems to be going well but it is frustrating bc we dont know how long this has been there before we got there so we dont know how long to wait.


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Well I have done a lot of research and i gathered that it depends on ur whole set up. From soil, lights, and seed strain. Pretty much, since I'm growing for my own use and it's my first grow, I'm gonna let it get to be about 18" tall or so and than try to flower and see what I get. That's if it's a female, but it's day six and I have healthy vivid green seedling. I read an look at the other journals on here to compare mine too. But I need to get all these pics uploaded so I can actually have a "grow journal" but I'm happy with it's progress so far. Only time will tell. Btw I just started playing classical music 24hrs to the plant and it seems to be speeding up it's growth, but I could just be really high tho ;)


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Haha I was wondering where the title would lead only to find it's nothing more than a new grower

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haha yea.. the title was a bounce back and forth and that was the better of the 2.. lol yes, i am a new grower and im waiting to get my computer fixed so i can show my day by day snap shots.. im at the end of day 6 going into the first week and its still green and growing so i think im ok.. so i put it in the pot this morning before the lights came on, so im gathering its gonna take a minute to recoop.. but ill get these pics ASAP..


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24 hrs after planting

day 2

day 3 the ghetto humid box..:)

day 4

day 5

day 6 (5-20-2011)

enjoy :)
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