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Hello all - My name is Michael and I've been a 420 kinda guy since 1974. Been lurking here for about 2 years since I started putting lights in my closet and found it to be a great wealth of info - appreciate that!

I'm also a recording engineer and studio owner as well as a musician and lead guitarist for the band Living For Lisa.

We wrote a 420 song. It's me playing everything in the studio except for acoustic guitar and the main vocals, that's our other writer "Ex".

Anyway - just saying hey - appreciate the cool site! Hope ya's enjoy the song!!

Later! :thanks:
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Whaats up my Man livingforlisa? She must be a terrific girl this lisa?:welcome:to 420Mag! We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness and Information across the universe. So why not :surf: Our https://www.420magazine.com/forums/ and tell us what you think? I will provide some links to our Legal MMJ Gardens that will blow your mind. These and all 420Mag members will be happy you dropped by to say hello. If there is anything we can assist you with please let us know. Have a great and safe time, see you on the boards.
Here you grow:
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Kron's 2010 Summer to Fall Medigrow
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Well actually, I had asked the original post to be deleted as it makes no sense now and I'm unabvle to delete it - oops I had a link to my bands site where the song resides. But ummm thanks anyways!


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The post is fine my man. We are dedicated to all things Cannabis and on site, as we could never manage if we had to insure all outside links and sources were of the same level of integrity and safety as 420Mag. Please try to remember that spreading Cannabis Awareness and Reforming Cannabis Laws which imprison people daily are what we are all about.
I myself am currently facing a minimum $1,000,000 [one million dollar] Fine and 20years imprisonment for a 420% Legal Medical Marijuana Garden. While your band and songs are important we are dedicated to Our Mission and must keep our Eyes on the Prize of Full Legalization and Regulation.
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