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Hello All, I'm calling myself ChameleonKing because I have major depression & am the king of chameleons when it comes to acting like theirs nothing wrong. I'm researching medical cannabis for it use against my medical conditions. Also, I have osteporosis & fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, I live in Florida which has the worst drug laws of the entire USA. I'm playing fair & don't embibe. I'm just learning for now. Also, I'm going to try & help to change the laws so what I do learn can be used to relieve my ailments when the laws are changed. I have to say that I'd love to visit Amsterdam. Theirs nothing like first-hand legal research. Anyway, everythings great in the Sunshine State. :byebye:
Welcome to 420 Magazine man!!!

I feel for you, I have been diagnosed for over 6 years manic-depressive, major depression, BPII. It's so much fun looking so "normal" and having a disease that tears you apart. It's almost impossible for people to understand the constant battle that goes on in your head.

It's hell to know what is going on around you, know how to fix it, and know what you should be doing to help yourself, but never having the energy or consistancy to get out.

SSDI has denied me twice. They don't see this as a disease like cancer, they treat it like athletes foot or somthing. How many people are gonna get shot up before they take this illness serious... who knows. I just know that working for 20 years and paying into an insurance system designed to help you when you get sick only works for women, minorities, and ugly people. (I say that because I am just an average clean cut decent looking guy, they take one look at me and say "He's fine") \

It's a tough road man, one I hope very few will have to travel. So far, I have lost almost everything to this crap. Luckily my wife is strong, and she still puts up with me.

You will find lots of love here ;-)
Hello Boss, Thank you for the moral support. Depression is destructive to the soul. So, one way I combat it is to paint watercolors. Creation is the true anti-depressant. But, depression is a faceless demon. So, there's nothing to hit back at. Truly one of Satan's most successful soul snatchers. Please, don't give up the fight. I've learned that there is a very uplifting Sativa called Kali Mist. Only problem is I live in Florida & they'll bag you here just for fun. So, I'm playing by the rules & won't use cannabis until we get the laws changed. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a visit to Amsterdam. Anyway, thanks again for the kind invitation to the 420.
Hey Boss, as I see it we have a lot of retirement aged people with closed minds & nothing better to do than get involved in politics & telling other people how to live their lives. Sorry about the run on sentence. Yep, Florida is going to be tough. But, the old B****rds can't live forever. They're so wrapped up in their protected vices like alcohol & tobacco that they can't see that people are needlessly suffering. Beside, a lot of the pols get money from the pharm industry not to even consider legalization of cannabis. Politics really suck here. Florida has the 2nd most people in prison of any state. Mostly non-violent cannabis smokers who don't deserve to spend one day in prison. What a waste of lives & money. No wonder the rest of the world doesn't want anything to do with following our model. You know they fear our government & so do I. We aren't winning the war on drugs & we aren't winning any hearts & minds. I love this country. But, the government is out of control & doesn't give a darn what we want. Rant, rant, rant, etc.
It's tuff to accept that they never cared about us to begin with ;-) It's all about the power, the money, the greed, selfishness. These people will get theirs eventually. I have to believe that, otherwise i would take things into my own hands :)

The elderly will end up on our side. Sooner than we think actually. The AARP is helping to get some folks together to push the Medicinal Cannabis laws. The vote in Florida is odd. Usually the elderly voters are stopping the progressive laws that help future generations. But when you tell one of those voters they can't have somthing that they want (MMJ) they will get out of the rockers and vote your ass out.
Hi Boss, You know the challenge is that we need to convince the elderly that cannabis can help their infirmities. That Cannabis isn't some commie plot. But, a natural plant meant to be used as medicine. Only problem is that they're real hard bitten believers of the big lie. So, it's going to be a battle like bringing down the Berlin wall with most of them. I'm going to look into who's putting forth a petition drive & I'll try to spread it. I'm still a firm believer that we need to work from within the system legally.
Welcome to 420 Magazine, chameleonking! Hope you enjoy your stay here.

As a whole, the elderly do not generally support cannabis legalization. But I think it's a mistake to write off the whole population. We just have to do better outreach with them.

Since October, I've had two back surgeries. When my pain was at its worst, cannabis was the only thing that helped. I know quite a few elderly people and have shared my story with them. They all know what it's like to be sick and unable to find relief for their pain or other ailments. They may not support recreational use, but by the time I've finished my story, they have all come on board to support medical use.

:bongrip: Peace
Hello MsRedEye, Thank you for the advice on how to reach the elderly. I too can speak to the about my Osteoporosis. I just visited the Norml Florida website & they are launching a petition drive for our year-end election. So, I'm going to look into joining the petiton drive. If any DEA types read this, I hope that they realize that it is our constitutional right to work within the system to change the laws. It's their job to enforce them. So, to put it as politely as possible. Please, butt out.
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