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Hey growers, here is a south american grower, which one is joing that forum abroad my country because two reasons, more knowledge and because is safer, south american cops won't look in forums abroad even because they can't and they don't know english. i live in the continent of bad stuff of smoke, here something like 90 % percent of the smokers are used to smoke terrible stuff, in south america the most common brand is pressed low quality paraguain weed, and paraguain hash made with alcohol, both with terrible taste and high, forgot about u read colombian gold and colombian ponto rojo are really hard to find ,maybe impossible i have been smoking since more than a decade and never found it in south america. last year i started to grow to became possible smoke good stuff all they time, because here only a few times, good stuff like marrocos 0-0 , or some first extraction of charas arrives. i'll do my fourth harvest in twenty days, it will be the fourth but the first with strains from abroad, afghani #1 sensi seeds, skunk#1 the pure TFD and blackjack sweet seeds, the another grow was with south american strains, from brazil and paraguay but it wasn't pretty good, it works better than the low south american quality but nothing like some good stuffs which i tryed from california and amsterdam, and in a couple of days i will post pictures of my next harvest, and i will start one journal in a few days with some seeds which arrived today, chronic serious seeds, acapulco gold barneys farm, nothern lights homegrown fantaseeds. and is it. keep growing and peace
ps: sorry because my poor english i'm improving it like i'm trying to improve my grow habilities
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