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I went to the store today and a took some cfl light pic and i want you to see them and tell me witch one is the best. can you help me out. i put the pic on a zip file. I upload it on filesonic the donload link is here.
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I'm thinkning of putting 3 plants on each plant ill put a Scoop Light whith 2x 200W - K6500 On each side of the plant ill put vertically 3x 100W - K2700. what do you think??


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Can you just upload the individual photos to your photo gallery here and then insert them into your thread?

what is the diference between K6500 - 40Watt and K6500 - 200Watt??

Without having seen your pictures... about 160 watts? Small-wattage CFLs use "household" medium sockets, while large-wattage (generally over 125 watts) CFLs almost always use the larger mogul sockets.


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Hey Brother I am not a fan of CFL "To Hot and hard to use" But thought I'd Help ya out, here's your pics!. Someone can help you better, I do know they can work for small grows. Let me know if you got any questions! Have you seen our website?


I am sure other members can use the pics for ref too!:yummy:


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Hey Brother I am not a fan of CFL "To Hot

Too right, man. Watt for watt they do produce a lot of heat compared to many other lights.

Suggest skipping the ones that are less than 23-watt. Not worth it when they don't produce much illumination - even compared with other CFLs - and when you can often find six-packs of the ~23-watt ones on sale for a few bucks. Arguably, if you've already got a box of them you could use them but IMO you'd be better off sticking them in your reading lamps to cut your electric bill and getting the 23/26/42/68/105/250 watt ones (if you are going to stick with the CFLs).

And don't buy into the marketingspeak "n-watt equivilant" language. That's all in comparison to incandescant bulbs which aren't used in growing (and basically are heaters that produce a little light on the side).


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you can buy 200 watt cfls that use 200 watts 6500k and 2700k but thet are pricy. i had a 200 watt 6500k for veg w/ reflector. better off w/ 6 26 watt 6500k bulbs w/ clamp reflectors if using cfl. i use only sun and mh/hps now. but i started w/fluorescent w/ t5 ho fixture. and cfls. then bought a 400 watt hps for $139. and use a 7200k ushio converion bulb for MH. it was worth it.
make sure you get the bulbs close to the plants. like 5 inches away. w/fan.:goodluck:

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I have had some luck with a 12-pack cfl that I have connected to a 400 cfm inline fan with a Homemade Carbon scrubber on the end-Just had my first harvest--some Purple Urkle that I grew from seed. Lets just chalk this up as a learning curve for me. I had an unexpected trip to the ER-FOOD poisioning. I was in the hospital for 2 days,guess one of my girls had a late growth spurt and got too close to the light,burned the plant. I got about 3oz. from 2 plants- NEXT UP- DOG-(Diamond OG) Keep the lights as close as possible -check lighting every day.


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I don't see pics, but you need to get 2700k and 6500k which you can mix together.

I am using Sylvania 23W 120V 60Hz 380mA 2700k CLF's so based off of your statement, I am assuming these are good for veg and flower, or keep the 2700k for veg and then replace a few with 6500k for flower? just looking for some more input.


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or keep the 2700k for veg

Backwards. Generally, ~2700K for flowering and ~6500K for vegetative growth.

Although many like to mix that at 75%:25% (75% 2700K : 25% 6500K for flowering, etc.) for a better spectral mix. Can be tricky when dealing with CFLs that don't produce much light and don't penetrate / broadcast the light very far as you're more dealing with "zones of light" than your area as a whole.
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