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Help needed please


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Hi can anyone tell me when should i start feeding my plants?
Here's the info
Iv got four auto sweet Tooth's there 13days old from seed there's about 2inches tall they got about six leaves and a few noobs. They are potted in bio bizz all mix Iv been watering them every 2-3 days when the soil is dry about 2-3cm down. When should I start with the food? I'm using these feeds

BIO BIZZ is easy to use, its three part feed,

GROW by adding it normal tap water, this is used for the first few weeks to bring your plant up to hight and size
BLOOM used for your flowers and fruits

TOPMAX this is the final plant feed used for the last few weeks of the plants life, its great stuff it pushs the plant as far as possible in its final growth flowers and fruits will be pushed into the BIGGEST size possible for your plant you have been growing,

Any help or tips welcome thank you

Fuzzy Duck

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Biobizz All Mix has some pre loaded nutrients with in the compost & should be suitable for a few weeks worth of growth...

If you feel the need to feed whilst the plants are only a few inches tall i would suggest using a 1/2 rate application of Bio Grow & once taller over 6" use suggested application of 1ml per litre of water... more likely only going to need to feed once a week whilst in veg tho.

Top Max can be used all the way through flowering :thumb:

I'm also fond of Biobizz Alg-a-Mic myself as its a cold pressed seaweed nutrient additive containing trace value micro nutrients plus fortifide with calcium & magnesium :love:

Theirs also Bio Heaven thats the main micro nutrient by biobizz but more expensive than the alg-a-mic.


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I started to feed my seedlings at about a week and half old. i gave them their first shot at about 50% strength. it was my first time indoor, so I was a little nervous about doing this . It turned out fine though. seedlings seem to be responding weel to the mixture. I use fox farm insta grow and bloom builder at same time per recommendation of a hydro shop owner. It seems to be working! the day I transplanted them from the hydrodome was when I gave them the first shot. Richie


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Say I grew those sweet tooths, man that's some bad Azz stuff, but wasn't pleased with the yields. They really need to start in pots they will finish in if they were placed in cups cut bottoms out at proper height an plant whole cup. As for nutes give at a rate u r sure I mean positive is not enough to much is bad for autos in my trials. For a better I won't say great harvest I like dinafims white widow so far. Good yield great smoke. An if any other big yielding autos lets hear them. By the way I am a dinafims man but will explore from time to time


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Iv put my autos sweet tooth straight in to 11liters pot I read autos don't like to be repoted so put them in to big pot soon as they sported.
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