Help plants are sick


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This is my first grow and I think I may have sick plants. My set up is a 4x8 grow tent 2 900w meizhi led lights I have 2 20 gal pots 2 13 gal pots and 2 5 gal pots. I'm using fox farm ocean forest soil and advanced nutrients grandmaster bundle. The strains I'm growing...big blue cheese, blueberry widow, pineapple kush, super sour berry, lemon skunk, and a random feminized seed I got free with my order. I am 1 month into the grow and I have some monsters 4 are a month and 3 days from when they sprouted the other 2 are 3 weeks old. but i think my plants are sick 2 have claws and all 4 started getting yellow tips on the new growth maybe nitrogen toxicity ,signs of heat stress or something else I'll post pics of my plants and any help would be appreciated
My humidity stays between 55 to 75% and my tent is between 79 to 84° never over 84
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