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Help with harvest?

Citizen Kane

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Hi all,

I grew a few lowryders and a lasqueti haze on my vancouver balcony this summer. Its getting cold and this lasqueti baby has to come inside. Any takes on how much longer it needs to go? Its theoretically 80/20 Sativa, has been flowering likely 6-7 weeks, I gave it some schultz grow occasionally, no special soil, grew on sunlight. Flushed it yesterday before bringing it in. I think its not ready, starting to frost up a bit, mostly clear or white, no amber. Have to keep fighting the urge to chop her down and its very big in my living room:) Any thoughts?



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I definitely encourage you to compare the trichomes on the buds and the leaves so you can see for yourself. And I've heard they vary between strains, some strains will mature about the same rate buds/leaves. The last plant I harvest had about 50% amber, 50% cloudy on the leaves, and mostly cloudy, with a few clears on the buds. Huge difference. If I had harvested according to the leaves, my buds would lack potency.
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