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Herbies Updates 18th August 2017

Herbies Seeds

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Herbies Updates 18th August 2017

Back in stock — You can see the full listing here

Soma Amnesia Haze (Cup Winner)
00 Seeds 00 Kush Fems
Short Stuff Auto Purple Amnesia Fems
Spliff Seeds Blue Medi Kush Fems
Spliff Seeds Power Plant Fems
Spliff Seeds AK Automatic Fems
Spliff Seeds Dutch Blue Auto Fems
Spliff Seeds Spliff Stilton Auto Fems
Spliff Seeds White Widow Auto Fems
Spliff Seeds Dutch Auto Fems

New Strains Added — You can see the full listing here

TH Seeds Chocolate Chunk Fems, Sativa/Indica, 400-500 gr/m2, 50-60 Days Flowering

TH LA Sage Fems, Cup winner, Sage x Skunk Sam Male, 450-550 gr/m2

TH Roof 95 Fems, 90% Indica, 350-450 gr/m2, 50-56 Days Flowering

Serious Bubblegum Fems, Cup winner, IBL Sativa/Indica Hybrid, Sweet Bubblegum flavours, Euphoric Effect

Seedism LemonGoldDrops Fems, Lemon Kush x AK47 genetics, High yields, Sweet and strong flavours

Seedism Exodus Fems, Pure Skunk Backcross, Intense cheesy aromas, 8-10 Weeks flowering

Holy Smoke OG Dawg Stomper, OG Dawg Stomper x Guide Dawg, 8 Weeks Flowering, Warm and sunny effects

Holy Smoke Sex Wax Fems, Banana Sativa x Strawberry Genetics, 8 Weeks flowering, Peach, banana and strawberry flavours

Holy Smoke Blue Strawberry Fems, 8 Weeks flowering, High yielder, Sweet Strawberry, blueberry and bubblegum flavours

Holy Smoke Strawberry Bubba Diesel Fems, Indica Dominant, Strawberry Diesel x Bubba Stone Mountain, Flavours of organic strawberry wine

Holy Smoke Chem Toffees Fems, Acapulco Gold x Ox, 8-9 Weeks flowering, Indica dominant, Heavy hitter

Pheno Finder Purple Strawberry Bliss Fems, Cup Winner, Cheese Berry Freak Pheno genetics, 9 Weeks Flowering

Pheno Finder Sunset aka Sunset Sherbet Fems, Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties, Indica Dominant, Full body, potent effects

Haute Genetique Raspberry Dosido Regs, Do Si Do x The Wow Pink Champagne, 9-10 Weeks flowering, Pungent berry and fuel aromas

Haute Genetique V Kush Regs, OGKB x Strawberry Cookies, 9-10 Weeks Flowering, Medium yielder

Dark Horse Genetics Strawberry Shortcake Regs, Juliet x Strawberry Diesel, 18-22% THC, Funky candy flavours

Dark Horse Genetics Gamma Berry Regs, Bruce Banner 5 x Strawberry Diesel, 20-28% THC, Sour Strawberry Jam flavours

Dark Horse Genetics Chem Berry D Regs, Chem 4 x Strawberry Diesel, Sativa Dominant, 25-32% THC

Dark Horse Genetics Kings Banner Regs, King Louie XIII x Joseph OG x Bruce Banner #3, Indica, 9 Weeks flowering, Heavy hitting, couchlock effects

Connoisseur Genetics Strawberry Cookies Fems, Strawberry Cough x Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Twang, Kush flavours, 9 Weeks flowering

White Label White Skunk Auto Fems, 65% Indica, Sharp flavours of Bitter Orange, Dark Chocolate Undertone, 45-55 Days Flowering

White Label Master Kush Auto, 85% Indica, Old School black hash flavours, 40-50 Days flowering

White Label Purple Bud Auto, 75% Indica, 16% THC, Pine, Sandalwood, Sweet And Fruity Undertones

Vision Jack Auto Fems, 70% Sativa, Skunky, sharp and musky, spicy flavours, Jack Herer x Ruderalis
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